Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E02 "Suicide Sprints" Recap

Detective Brigid O'Reilly is assigned to investigate the stabbing of Rick, which both Tandy and Tyrone are struggling to understand their newly manifested powers. Tandy confides in Liam about stabbing Rick and she claims she simply had a knife on her that's gone now. She doesn't know what happened to Rick after she stabbed him. If he's alive, he can identify her. If he's dead, then she will have to live with the guilt of having killed someone. Liam decides to work on finding her a new identity so she can skip town.

Since Tyrone has now discovered that Connors is a real cop, he becomes obsessed with catching him to find justice for the death of his brother. As a result of falling asleep while staking out Connors, he misses basketball practice. He shows up to practice when it's already in progress and the coach forces him to sit on the bleachers and watch while his teammates have to run extra laps for punishment of his own deeds.

Tandy returns home to try to retrieve her cash stash to pay for her new identity papers but her mother has stolen her money and thrown it away on drugs. Desperate for money, she and Liam decide to rob a wedding to get the remaining portion since Liam had already put up half the money to pay for her paperwork.

Tyrone tries to make up for his neglect of the basketball team by following the advice of Father Delgado, but his teammates later corner him in the locker room and beat him up for all the ways he has wronged the team.

While at the wedding, Tandy is able to use her powers to see that Liam genuinely cares about her and wants to help her. This revelations scares her but they are still successful in robbing the wedding. They are forced to escape in a hurry and steal a car to do so.

Tyron returns home and makes up with his mother but his powers reveal her greatest fear, which is to lose him after already having lost his brother Billy.

Tandy leaves town and then Liam is arrested by O'Reilly. Liam calls Tandy from jail to beg for help because he put all the money he had into her new life but she ignores him. Tyrone takes Adina's gun and confronts Connors. He is about to pull the trigger but he becomes overwhelmed with anger, which triggers him to unintentionally teleport away. He reappears in the middle of the street Tandy is driving down and the bullet he had fired at Connors goes through Tandy's windshield instead, causing her to swerve off the road and crash.

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