Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E03 "Stained Glass" Recap

Tyrone checks on Tandy after her car crash and assures her that the gun in his hand isn't meant for her. Despite her injuries, she gets back into the car and carries on driving out of town.

Detective O'Reilly visits Rick in the ICU to ask about his attack. She notes the scratches on his face that look like defensive wounds and informs him that the paramedics said that his pants were unbuckles when he was brought in. She is able to deduce that he was trying to rape Tandy when he was stabbed.

Tandy's car breaks down so she abandons it and returns home to Melissa and Greg's, heading to the bathroom to wipe the blood off her head injury. Melissa is alarmed to see that her daughter was bleeding but their conversation is interrupted by O'Reilly knocking on the door, asking to see Tandy. Melissa lies, saying that Tandy isn't there. Greg says that O'Reilly can't come in without a warrant. Tandy overhears O'Reilly say that Tandy isn't under arrest and likely a victim in an assault, leaving her card behind to be contacted if they want. When Melissa returns to the bathroom she discovers that Tandy has snuck out through the window. Tandy gets on a bus that night and falls asleep, only to 'wake' in a sort of spirit vision.

Tyrone meets his classmate/love-interest Evita who overhears him pondering if he is cursed. She brings him to her part-time job as a tour guide of New Orleans in order to introduce him to voodoo priestess Auntie Clarisse who can offer him spiritual guidance. After reading some cards on him, she determines he needs a bath and gives him a list of spices and charms to use with his bath. He also enters a spirit vision.

Both Tandy and Tyrone have visions of the other. In Tandy's vision she sees a young Tyrone playing basketball with his brother Billy. Billy rejects his friends offering to go steal a car radio, opting to stay and play with Tyrone instead. The vision shifts to the woods where Tyrone at his present age picks up a gun from the table and shoots Connors to avenge his brother. But then his parents collapse and police officers swarm him. The vision replays with Tyrone trying to kill Connors through different means but the end is always the same. Tandy pleads with Tyrone to try something else and then her light dagger emerges from her hand which she places on the table. Tyrone goes to pick it up and it transforms into a pair of handcuffs. He brings them to Connors who immediately flees.

Tyrone has a vision of a young Tandy doing ballet on the rooftop of a building. He shields her from a puddle of water when a light's electric current begins to run haywire. The vision then changes to Tandy at her current age in the woods watching in horror as a room depicts manifestations of her greatest fears and difficulties in life. Each time, Tandy tries to run away until Tyrone manifests his smoke powers to keep her in place and try something else instead of always running form her problems. She manifests a light dagger and this time the vision changes. Tyrone is alone in the woods and sees a large door which he attempts to open and get inside.

Tandy finds Tyrone as a child locked in a room crying over the loss of his brother, while Tyrone finds a child version of Tandy giving the different men in her life (both good and bad) pills that cause them to drop dead. Both Tandy and Tyrone begin to manifest their powers once more and try to reach out for each before waking with clear consciences and an understanding that they need each other for the journeys they find themselves on.

Connors meets with O'Reilly and informs her that her case on Rick's attack is being closed, claiming that he found Rick's license on a dead drug-dealer and that they were the attacker. She is frustrated by this development since it doesn't match the evidence. O'Reilly then gets a call from Tandy who agrees to meet with her privately to share her story about what happened at the attack. O'Reilly apologises to her for not being able to do more for her and Tandy leaves, despondent.

Tyrone finally initiates a romantic relationship with Evita before leaving to confront Tandy at the abandoned church she has been staying at, wanting to better understand and explore this connection they have.

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