Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E05 "Princeton Offense" Recap

Tandy goes through the files she retrieved from what was left of Greg's office and begins organising them.

Detective O'Reilly has sex with one of her fellow officers in the back of her squad car before returning to the office to meet with Tyrone, whom Tandy had directed him to as someone he can trust. Tyrone shares how he saw Connors selling drugs he claimed to have lifted from evidence. O'Reilly agrees to help him, saying she isn't sure if she believes him entirely but admits to not trusting Connors. However, she warns Tyrone to stay out of trying to play detective and to leave that to actual police like herself.

Tyrone returns to school and Tandy meets him to apologise for how poorly their last encounter went and reveals that she has learned to control her powers, even manifesting her light dagger in the hallway which he quickly hides using his backpack. She asks Tyrone if the school has a computer lab, wanting to use it to research Roxxon. Tandy prints out some documents, saying there's a hole missing in the middle of the documents she's found which indicate a powerful figure at the center of it all but for now she can only follow the lead of B-list figures in the Roxxon scheme. She shares how she tried to kill herself and it unlocked the key to her not caring about all the other bad things in her life and to instead focus so she can use her powers. She proposes that they use their gifts to try to help right these injustices of their lives. Tyrone is saddened when Evita appears to now only be interested in a platonic relationship with him. Tandy uses her light dagger to break into some cheerleader lockers to steal some clothes in her size.

Tyrone returns home and accidentally teleports to Billy's friend Duane Porter who is now all grown up and runs a home building enterprise. This gives Tyrone the opportunity to catch up with an old friend after he was just thinking about him when looking at an old childhood photo. Duane advises him to look ahead and make the things matter most his priority.

Tandy decides to apply to be an intern at Roxxon Gulf, using a fake name and backstory, in the hopes of getting access to the higher positioned employees of the company. She aces her interviews and is accepted for the position.

Tyrone offers Evita his letterman jacket to wear for the game and reaffirms his interest in a romantic relationship with her. The big game is underway and Tyrone is working hard in the game, while Tandy is at a Roxxon party using her powers to see the hopes of different Roxxon employees.

O'Reilly visits a prisoner in custody and forces him to reveal the contact of someone that supplies cocaine.

Tyrone accidentally teleports the basketball from the game to the party Tandy is at and during halftime he accidentally teleports himself there too. Tandy has been discovering that numerous Roxxon employees hope to overthrow their CEO. Tandy is shocked to see Tyrone at the party and he claims that her using her powers has effected him. Because they are connected, all this extra hope-searching she's been doing has been causing his powers to go haywire during the basketball tournament. With Tyrone's help, Tandy is able to determine that the CEO of Rozon Gulf is Peter Scarborough. Peter had been the one to defame her father's name. When Tyrone struggles to figure out how to get back to the game, she tells him he needs to take a risk and she pushes him over the balcony. He falls into a fountain of water and emerges back at the game in time for the second half to start up.

Tandy meets a woman named Mina Hess at the party whose importance is revealed later...

O'Reilly gets a stash of cocaine from a local dealer who asks her if loose morals is what all cops have in common.

As Tyrone continues to play in the tournament, his abilities allow him to see the fears of the opposing team and how significant this game is for them. As a result, he deliberately (but barely) misses the final shot which causes the opposing team to win instead. He leaves feeling good about the kind deed he has done.

Tandy visits Scarborough at his home, claiming to have a flat tire and wanting to use his phone to call for help but instead he gets out his tools to teach her how to change the tire. During the encounter, she secretly manifests the light dagger and considers killing him with it but instead uses her powers to see into his head, learning that he is motivated by greed and doesn't care who he hurts in the pursuit of profit.

O'Reilly is 'caught' at the station by Connors huffing cocaine, but he is sympathetic to her feigned plight and even sniffs a line from her. The implication with this encounter is that she is attempting to bait him into revealing the supplier he is working with.

Tyrone returns home and finds Evita waiting for him in his room, saying she knows he threw the game to help the other team and admires him for being a good person. They spend the night together and she chooses to sneak out the following morning to spare him the hassle of explaining her presence to his parents. Tyrone then accidentally teleports to Duane's work site and spies Duane arguing with Connors. They've been working together and Duane even knows the truth about Billy's death.

Tandy discovers a diagram with her father's name on it along with "Ivan Hess" who was the father of Mina Hess, the woman she met at the party.

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