Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E06 "Funhouse Mirrors" Recap

Auntie Chantelle has Evita help her with channeling in order to study Tyrone and determine the fate of the city. Auntie Chantelle senses that there is disaster coming and that Tyrone's story is central to what will come.

Meanwhile, Tyrone has begun following Duane in order to try to find out the truth regarding the aftermath of his brother's death. He later approaches Duane and asks for a job with him and discovers that one of Duane's associates, Kev, is running drugs for him on the low.

Tandy becomes an intern for Mina in the hopes of getting closer to her and learn more about what their fathers were working on together. Tyrone visits Tandy to tell her about getting threatened by Kev, who had pulled a gun on him. She shares about her own investigations and advises him to steal Kev's bag in order to get his job.

O'Reilly pairs up with Connors for a drug bust in the hopes of learning more about his illicit activities. They end up pursuing Kev and some other locals that take off running during a drug deal. O'Reilly searches for Kev's bag that he had thrown away before running away from Connors but is unable to find it because Tyrone has already snatched it up.

Tandy accompanies Mina on an exploration of a local swamp so they can learn more about the surrounding nature. She learns more about Ivan and Nathan from Mina but their exploration is broken up by a Roxxon employee telling Mina she is needed to repair a pipe. Tandy decides to help her but in the process, Mina is able to deduce whom Tandy really is and leaves due to feeling betrayed by her deception.

Kev catches up to Tyrone and demands his bag back but Tyrone is finally able to access his powers and uses Tyrone's fear against him, causing Kev to run away scared. Tyrone brings the bag back to Duane and asks again for a job and he accepts. Duane takes Tyrone on a drive and says how only white people get justice. He also reveals that he witnessed Billy's death and Tyrone is furious that Duane knew all these years and didn't say anything about it, and even more for working with Connors now.

Tandy follows Mina to a hospital where Ivan is taken care of due to his being in a catatonic state. Tandy apologises to Mina for not telling the truth. Tandy tries to use her powers to access his hope but discovers that she cannot see into his mind due to his condition but is implied to suspect that Tyrone may be able to help him. Still, Mina forgives Tandy for lying.

Auntie Chantelle realises that Tyrone is part of the "Divine Pairing" but does not know whom the other half of it is. According to her, either Tyrone or Tandy will have to die during what is to come.

Connors enters Duane's building and gives him a gun that he demands Duane use to kill O'Reilly whom he plans to lure in. Tyrone is still in the building, hiding, and overhears Connors' plan. However, O'Reilly ends up shooting and killing Duane when she enters, causing Tyrone to cry out. Tyrone runs out of the building and Connors chases after him. He tries to shoot him twice which Tyrone is able to dodge by using his powers, and eventually teleports back to the church where Tandy comforts him as he cries for his dead friend.

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