Marvel's Luke Cage S02E01 "Soul Brother #1" Recap

Luke Cage has quickly become a celebrity in Harlem for the heroic acts her performs to better the city and for being bulletproof. At night he tracks down drug dealers that are selling products named after him.

Luke's friend D.W. Griffith is trying to help Luke earn money by selling merchandise and by capitalizing on app that has ben put on the market that tracks Luke's whereabouts. Although Luke isn't motivated by money, the rent has doubled and he needs to pay his bills.

Misty Knight is recovering from the loss of her arm and going through various forms of rehabilitation therapy so she can adjust to how to function without it. Claire has also been helping her with the physical therapy. Misty doesn't plan on returning to the police force until she learns that around 30 of the criminals she had helped send to prison are being released because of the former partner Rafael Scarfe being a crooked cop.

Luke is enjoying his relationship with Claire, while Mariah and Shades are doing the same. The latter are approached by Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton who is one of the criminals Misty had put away while she was a cop. Dontrell wants to buy Mariah Dillard's criminal empire in collusion with drug smuggler Arturo "El Rey" Gomez III and Jamaican gang leader Nigel Garrison.

Luke heads to Mariah's club to try to to confront her about her criminal activities but leaves when she makes thinly veiled threats against Claire.

Griffith tips Luke off to a lead, specifically that El Rey is the one leading the "Luke Cage" drug cartel. Luke heads off to confront him and manages to take him captive before turning him over to Misty Knight's captain, Tom Ridenhour.

Finally, Garrison is murdered by John "Bushmaster" McIver, who is able to survive being shot numerous times without being injured after having arrived from Jamaica with the intention of taking Harlem over from Mariah. Luke goes to visit Mariah and informs her that the Judas bullet El Rey tried to kill him with didn't injure him, and warns her that nothing can stop him from getting to her.

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