Melodifestivalen 2018 Top 28: #21 “Cry” — Dotter

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Dotter may have entered her semi-final with every expectation of being a contender to win the whole contest, she was unable to make it past even the first round of voting. There were a number of issues with the number when it was adapted from the studio version to the live show. The dark and moody lighting effects inadvertently made her look washed out, and the audio mixing was so poorly done that the song was left flat and out-of-tune when broadcast on television. There's no doubt that Dotter has an artistic style that can resonate with fans, as her song fared better among consumers after her elimination. But for this particularly effort, it simply wasn't executed well enough to warrant further qualification.

Watch our press conference with Dotter here:


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