Preacher S03E01 "Angelville" Recap

The episode opens with an extended flashback showing Jesse's mother trying to escape from her mother, Madame L'Angelle, who is a working Voodoo witch in New Orleans. However, Madame L'Angelle send her henchmen T.C. and Jody after her to bring her back. Jesse's mother swallows a photography of baby Jesse and warns her mother to leave Jesse alone but instead, L'Angelle cuts open her daughter's stomach to retrieve the photograph and leaves her to die.

Returning to the present, Jesse and Cassidy arrive at Angelville with Tulip's body in the car, in search of Jesse's grandmother. After Jesse and Cassidy fight some more, Jesse's grandmother emerges. Jesse begs her to bring Tulip back from the death, promising to do anything she wants in return. She agrees and sends Jesse and Cassidy out to procure various items required to perform the resurrection ritual.

Tulip's spirit is shown to be in Purgatory where she is being forced to rewatch scenes from her traumatic childhood.

Jesse visits the rival Boyd clan which has Jody, the man who killed his father, in order to get some transpoil for the ritual. While L'Angelle is alone with Cassidy and Tulip's body, she offers him a favour if he will get Jesse to return home for good. But Jesse is a bit preoccupied with fighting Jody who demands the confrontation in order to give Jesse the transpoil. Just when it appears as if the fight will end badly for Jesse, L'Angelle emerges from the house and forces him to give up the transpoil.

Tulip continues to suffer in Purgatory, as she is reminded of having to go to the orphanage. But L'Angelle performs the ritual to bring her back and while the group waits for her to wake, Jesse pleads for her to come back to him and professes his love for her. Cassidy turns on Tulip's favourite song which manages to reach her in Purgatory. Tulip is told by her younger self that she needs to go. Tulip gets a phone call and when she picks it up, she hears Jesse's voice pleading for her to come back. As Tulip is preparing to go back, she meets God in the form of Man Dog, who informs her that she is part of His larger plan.

Later on, L'Angelle reminds Jesse of the promise he owes her for bringing Tulip back. Jesse points out that he may cheat the deal and kill her instead, to which L'Angelle challenges him to try and see what happens if he does.

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