Preacher S03E02 "Sonsabitches" Recap

The episode opens with an extended flashback of Jesse as a teenager working alongside T.C. to go after a customer that failed to follow through on their payments for a spell. The man worked as a science teacher at school and had been involved sexually with one of the students who became obsessed with him after an affair. Jesse and T.C. bring the man to L'Angelle who takes the man's soul away.

In the present, Tulip berates Cassidy and Jesse for their bickering. She shares how the female Grail agent was the one to kill her and she intends to get revenge on her. Cassidy wants to help Tulip get revenge right away but Jesse pushes them to focus on escaping from L'Angelle first. This only escalates the already present tension among the group.

Jesse calls Herr Starr and leaves a voicemail to arrange a meeting to get the missing part of his soul back. Jesse is hoping that the return of the piece of his soul will restore his powers. Starr is in India at the Krishna Headquarters where he kills everyone present for refusing to support Humperdoo.

The agents attack Jesse's home, and Tulip gets a few good punches in on the woman who killed her. Jesse proceeds to use them to stage an attack of the Boyd clan on Angelville while he meets with Herr Starr. The exchange fails because Tulip is overcome with the memory of God telling her to "get those sonsabitches" which leads her to attack the Grail agents.

Starr and his agents are able to escape without Jesse getting his soul restored. L'Angelle also worsens Jesse's condition by punishing him with voodoo for trying to double-cross her. He still swears to her that he will find a way to escape. She then orders him to go into a cellar called "The Tombs" where he discovers the customer from the episode's opening chained up to the wall.

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