Preacher S03E03 "Gonna Hurt" Recap

Tulip drives to the New Orleans office of the Grail, using the address left on the card she had from her previous encounter with its agents. However, when she arrives there is no one there anymore and it has seemingly been abandoned. On the drive back, she encounters God on the road who tells her that he intended for her to fail as part of his larger plan and that he is on Earth to prepare a test of some kind. She doesn't believe God and promises to "kick his ass" despite him getting away.

As T.C. is growing increasingly suspicious of Cassidy's ability to heal, Jesse tries to make up with Cassidy in order to warn him about the dangers in Angelville but Cassidy won't listen to him. But Jesse doesn't have time to sit around and work on repairing his relationship with Cassidy for the time being since he needs to go out and find new customers for his grandmother, whom he is still indebted to for resurrecting Tulip.

T.C. proceeds to tell Tulip about the logistics of blood-debt compacts, while Cassidy uses his time to approach Marie L'Angelle in search of a love spell that he likely wants to use on Tulip. Tulip decides to approach Madame Boyd to try to find a way to help Jesse break free from the compact he owes to his grandmother.

While Cassidy is out feeding on animals, he is caught by Jody and T.C. who proceed to hang him upside down from a tree in order for him to be killed when the sun rises. Jesse arrives in time to save Cassidy and is able to do so by agreeing to re-open the Tombs and have a fight scheduled between Cassidy and the customer still locked down there in which Jesse himself will serve as the master of ceremonies.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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