"Shuffla" Composers Andreas Stone and Costa Leon (Exclusive Interview)

Costa Leon and Andreas Stone are part of a song-writing/production team known as "Hydra" (not at all like the Marvel villains). From the song-writing, producing, and publishing of their music, the team is based in Malmö but have already managed to extend their tendrils across the world. Both Leon and Stone are co-writers on the new SHINee (a famous Korean group) release "From Now On".

In this year's Melodifestivalen, both have written on Samir & Viktor's "Shuffla" and Barbi Escobar's "Stark". They are full of praise for both acts, with whom they worked closely in the creation of the tracks. In addition to being song-writers both have their own solo endeavors as artists, and big plans to carry on with their multi-faceted interests in the music industry.

Watch our full interview with Costa Leon and Andreas Stone here:


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