The Handmaid's Tale S02E03 "Baggage" Recap

Moira is now living in Canada with Luke and Erin.

June finds different ways to preoccupy her time living at the Boston Globe offices. Over the course of two months she exercises in-between investigating the archives at the office which documents the early emergence of the Gilead movement. She thinks back to being a young girl accompanying her mother to a Take Back the Night rally. June is visited occasionally by Nick, and eventually he brings news that she is set to be transported soon. She is now reluctant to do so if it means escaping without her daughter.

Moira gives a tour to a new co-worker who quickly becomes overwhelmed and has a breakdown. He shares how he was in the army before the rise of the Gilead movement and then he was quickly transformed into a Guardian. It wasn't long before he was forced to hang bodies on the wall, including a man he had dated in college. She tells him about trauma counseling services they have available for him to use.

June is picked up by a driver who has been tasked with transporting her to a new location. Upon arriving there she meets a man named Omar who is supposed to bring her to another safe house near an airstrip from which she will be able to fly to Canada. He tries to leave without her after receiving a message that the safe house has been compromised but she stands in front of his van to force him to take her with him. He brings her back to his apartment where she meets his wife Heather and their son Adam. Heather is upset about the dangers of bringing June into the home but Adam is more welcoming, as he's a friendly young child more than happy to show his toy truck to June.

The following day, Omar, Heather, and Adam leave to go to church, warning her to stay quiet since the neighbors listen to everything. They promise to be back by two and June remembers her mother and how disappointed she was by June's career choices and her intention to marry Luke, having wanted June to become an activist like her. June is frightened when someone knocks on the door looking for the family so she goes into their bedroom. Upon hiding under the bed she finds a hidden Qur'an and prayer rug tucked into the bedsprings. 2 o'clock comes and goes and Omar and his family do not return.

In another flashback, June and Moira go through their training to become Handmaids at the Red Center. During a series of slideshows with images, they discover that Holly had been declared an Unwoman and was sent to the Colonies to be worked to death.

June takes one of Heather's Econowife outfits to disguise herself and leave the apartment in order to blend in with other Econowives on the street. She boards a train with a map hidden in her pocket. After getting at the station she deems to be the right stop for her mission she veers off the path and heads into the woods. She is resigned to the fact that there is no way for her to rescue Hannah yet and proceeds to the airstrip that Omar had told her about.

Moira has a night out at a club and hooks up with a random woman in the bathroom. She gets the woman off but stops her from reciprocating afterwards, saying she is good. The woman introduces herself as Caitlin and says to let her know if she changes her mind, and Moira gives her a fake name, Ruby. She then returns home to the apartment, where Erin makes her laugh upon revealing she is no longer mute.

June makes it to a plane where the pilot is suspicious of whether she is really who she claims to be but convinces him of the truth by showing him her ear injury. Another fugitive arrives and the pilot prepares to fly them out by hiding them in the cargo hold in the plane's undercarriage. Unfortunately, the plane is intercepted before it can take off. Guardians execute the pilot and then apprehend June and the other fugitive.

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