The Handmaid's Tale S02E04 "Other Women" Recap

June is brought back to captivity and has a new ear tag pierced into her ear. She is placed in a room where she is chained to the bed much like the captive handmaid she saw earlier in the season. Aunt Lydia visits her and brings a new handmaid gown. She gives her the option of staying in her current imprisonment where she will remain until her child is born and then she would be executed, or returning to the Waterfords. June chooses to return to the Waterfrods where she will be closely supervised by Lydia.

Publicly, the Waterfords have presented the facade that Offred's disappearance was the result of a kidnapping. But privately, Serena is furious at her for running away and corners her in her room, grabbing her by the throat before releasing her so as to not harm the baby. June warns her that as long as her baby is safe, so will Serena's.

Rita returns the letter she found to Offred and tells her she will not be involved in any further scheming. Nick is also shown to still be working for the Waterfords.

A baby shower is held for Serena in which prayer and a ritual binding are conducted between Offred and Serena. Offred learns from Alma that Ofglen had her tongue cut out for speaking up to save Ofwarren (Janine) when she was about to be stoned and ever since Mayday has been silent.

In a flashback, Luke's first wife Annie confronts June and asks her to back off from him, saying that they made wedding vows before God. Annie is insistent that she and Luke will be together. Luke is furious at Annie for bothering June and warns her to back off, having resolved to be with June and Annie's efforts are futile to break him up from June. Some years later, Annie spots Luke and June in a restaurant with their child Hannah.

After Offred upsets Serena once again, Lydia takes her out for a walk. Serena demands that Nick send Offred back to the Red Center, saying she can't have her in the house. Fred tells her she is strong enough to stick things out and that she shouldn't miss out on the pregnancy especially after all the months she's already missed.

Lydia bring Offred to a hanging corpse and it's claimed to be Omar's although his head is covered with a bag. She informs June that Omar's wife Heather is now a handmaid and their child Adam was give away to a different family. Aunt Lydia tells Offred these tragedies are her fault and Offred is quick to blame herself. Aunt Lydia warns her that the best chance she has to survive is to separate Offred and June as different people.

Offred's spirit is broken by the revelation of what happened to Omar and his family. She apologises to the Waterfords and asks to stay. She later prays to god that Hannah will forget about her and begins to ignore Nick, while adhering to the proper standards of being a handmaid.

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