The Handmaid's Tale S02E05 "Seeds" Recap

Offred continues to be a subdued and submissive handmaid under the weight of all the accumulated traumas. She begins to burn the letters she had been keeping for Mayday and is caught by Nick, who becomes increasingly concerned about her shift in behaviour. Aunt Lydia continues to make regular visits to check on Offred's well-being. On one of her visits she encourages Serena to create a more harmonious environment in the house for the baby's well-being.

In the Colonies, Janine and Emily are finally able to talk to one another. Janine believes that God is protecting them through their struggles in Gilead, though Emily is far more cynical and non-religious in her views of their circumstances.

Offred begins to experience vaginal bleeding but does not inform anyone of this. Even Serena begins to find Offred's more subdued and obedient behaviour odd, likely worrying that this could also prove problematic for the baby. Nick tells Serena he is worried about Offred's mental state, suggesting that she may benefit from seeing a doctor whose job it is to deal with mental health. He denies Serena's questioning of whether Offred had asked him to speak up for her well-being and Serena becomes alarmed by Nick's concern for Offred. Serena subtly brings the issue up to Commander Waterford who decides to "reward" Nick with an arranged marriage at a Prayvaganza, which is a ritual where loyal Guardians are given a wife as a reward for their work.

Meanwhile Offred's vaginal bleeding continues to worsen and she hides it by lining her underwear with toilet paper. Only Rita, the housemaid seems to notice her physical unsteadiness and asks if she is okay, but Offred claims to be fine.

Offred accompanies the Waterfords to the Prayvaganza where many Guardians are married, including Nick to a woman named Eden. Offred is quietly emotionally shaken by this turn of events, as is Nick. Both steal secret glances to one another during the ceremony. Eden is brought home with the Waterfords so that she can move into Nick's room. When Offred goes upstairs to her own room, she discovers how significantly the vaginal bleeding has worsened but does nothing to all for help.

Janine organises a small wedding for a dying worker and her partner, which is officiated by another Unwoman who is a rabbi. Emily and Janine argue over Emily's attempts to keep Janine safe and alive, which she believes are being undermined by Janine's attempts to bring some sort of positivity to their dire circumstances. When the newlywed Unwoman later dies, the rabbit officiates her burial while she is buried in a cemetery covered with numerous crosses.

During a rainy night, Nick discovers Offred collapsed unconscious outside in the bushes of the Waterfords' house and saves her. She is immediately taken to a hospital, where she vows to her baby that they will both escape Gilead.

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