The Handmaid's Tale S02E06 "First Blood" Recap

The doctor tending to Offred advises Serena that a harmonious home would be better for the child's well-being. Serena takes this under advisement and offers Offred the sitting room as an upgraded bedroom, which Offred accepts. Nick speaks to her in private about their relationship and Offred admits that she still thinks about their time together but says they can no longer be involved.

In a flashback, Serena is invited to a university to speak about her book "A Woman's Place" but is chased out of speaking by an angry crowd of protesters. On the way out, she and Fred are surrounded by more protesters but Serena still takes the time to address the crowd and make her points about the declining birth rate and women needing to procreate. She and Fred are on the way to their car when an unknown assailant shoots Serena.

In present day, Offred invites Serena to feel her abdomen to better experience the pregnancy experience. Serena continues to dote on Offred by inviting some other handmaids to have lunch with her.

Eden confides in Offred about how Nick has yet to consummate their marriage. Eden is suspicious that Nick may be a gender traitor but Offred assures her that this isn't the case, appearing quietly alarmed at Eden having such suspicions.

Serena shows Offred the nursery she has made for the baby and Offred feels brace enough to ask if she can see Hannah. Serena retaliates by ordering Offred to move back to her old room, prepared to humiliate her. Nick asks Offred what's wrong upon seeing she is upset and Offred tells him what has happened. She also warns Nick that he needs to have sex with Eden so she will not longer suspect him of being a "gender traitor". He is uncomfortable about doing so, as Eden is only fifteen. But Offred points out that he is not the only one in Gilead that needs to have sex with someone they don't want to. Nick decides to go ahead and have sex with Eden but only after telling Offred that he loves her.

In another flashback, the aftermath of Serena's shooting is shown. Fred uses his power and connections to kidnap the man he believes was involved in her shooting and brings both him and his wife into the woods where he shoots the wife in order to make the man feel the same pain Fred felt at seeing Serena in pain.

When Fred learns of the conflict between Offred and Serena, he visits Offred in secret to give her a photograph of Hannah. He then propositions her for sex but she turns him down, claiming that she's worried about the baby. She is only playing along to his interest in her for hers and the baby's survival and well-being.

There is a new Rachel and Leah Center set to be opened, with a construction and ceremony that will be overseen by Fred Waterford. As the preparations are being made, Nick arrives and asks Commander Pryce to be reassigned from the Waterford home and that Offred will be protected, which Commander Pryce agrees to after Nick says that there is much he hasn't told the Commander about Fred.

Serena sets about bossing Offred around again and even taking extra measures to humiliate her. Offred's only comfort is the photo of Hannah which she keeps hidden in her room.

At the opening ceremony of the Rachel and Leah center, Fred gives a speech to a room full of men. There are handmaids standing right outside the building as part of the ceremony. But Ofglen enters the building early and charges the stage and detonates a suicide bomb. Only the Handmaids standing outside are able to run away in time to get a safe distance from the explosion.

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