The Handmaid's Tale S02E07 "After" Recap

Ofglen's bomb at the Rachel and Leah centre leaves 31 handmaids, 26 commanders, and many civilians dead. Numerous others are left injured including Commander Waterford, who is visited in the hospital by Serena, Nick, and his other colleagues. The news of the attack reaches Canada, where Luke and Moira hear of it. Luke is confident that June is still alive while Moira is more determined to find answers, specifically regarding her fiancee Odette. Moira visits a refugee center to look through various records. Flashbacks show that Moira had been a surrogate for a couple before the war began and this was how she met Odette, who had worked as a doctor. Eventually, Moira discovers photographs showing Odette was killed.

While Commander Waterford recovers from his injuries, Commander Pryce takes on his responsibilities, vowing to hunt everyone down that was involved in the attack. He visits Offred to question her about who was involved with helping her run away but she insists that she was taken against her will and didn't see anyone responsible. Cushing doesn't believe her but leaves to continue his work on increasing security measures, including adding checkpoints and having guardians execute more people. Offred runs off to visit Serena and Commander Waterford at the hospital.

June tells Nick about Cushing questioning her about learning who helped her run away, frightened that he won't give up. Nick promises not to let anything happen to her. When she later returns home, she tells Serena about Cushing questioning her and Serena coaches her on how to appease him. Serena becomes alarmed to learn about the increased violence Cushing is implementing. Serena worries about the family's safety, especially the baby's. This prompts Serena to forge orders from Commander Waterford to get Cushing arrested for treason and apostasy.

Due to the high number of handmaids being killed, many fertile women are taken back from the Colonies in order to be handmaids once again, including Janine and Emily. They both have a reunion with June in the grocery store, where June discretely calls Emily by her real name and finally introduces herself as June. June whispers to another handmaid to introduce herself and numerous handmaids begin to follow suit, whispering their names to one another as a real introduction and form of quiet protest and action of solidarity. Some of these whispers are overheard by Eden.

Some time later, Serena enlists Offred in her secret plans to continue performing the Commander's work on his behalf while he is still recovering in the hospital.

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