The Handmaid's Tale S02E10 "The Last Ceremony" Recap

Emily's new life of returning to being a handmaid for a new commander shows her detached and despondent from her time in the Colonies. Her new commander collapses after performing the ritual on Emily. She kicks him and stomps on his crotch when she is left in the room with him while the wife goes to call for help.

June is out shopping with Eden and their new guard, Isaac, when she begins to experience contractions. June tells Emily and Janine about Moira making it to Canada, pressing them to have hope that they too will be able to make it to Canada someday and be free again. But the contractions become too severe for June to stay out and an ambulance is called to bring June home. A birthing ceremony is performed while everyone awaits the birth of June's child but it turns out to be too soon and all are dismissed.

After the false alarm, June begs Fred to be moved closer to her daughter Hannah after the baby is born but Fred becomes angry and orders her to leave, saying he has been too indulgent with her. June retaliates by implying that the child she is carrying isn't his and that he will never know what it is like to have a biological child of his own.

Fred and Serena conspire to induce labour so they can finally get June out of the house and the baby for themselves. June is ordered to come to their room where Serena holds her down and Fred rapes her.

Meanwhile, Eden experience a growing mutual attraction with the guard, Isaac. She sneaks out to meet him late at night and the two begin to kiss. Nick sees them doing so when he walks outside for a smoke and when Eden sees him watching she breaks away and runs back inside. She apologises profusely to Nick and begs for forgiveness, which Nick readily gives without displaying any real upset emotion against her for her transgressions. This further upsets Eden, who accuses him of being in love with Offred since Nick doesn't touch her unless he needs to and has never even kissed her (her kiss with Isaac was her first kiss). Nick denies any interest in Offred, saying getting involved with a handmaid would be suicide.

Fred makes arrangements for Nick to bring June to an empty house where she is granted a short visit with Hannah, who now goes by the name Agnes. The reunion is intense and emotional, as Hannah is clearly traumatised from being separated from her parents and the confusion of whether or not her parents still wanted her. She is living with new parents and June assures her that she will always be June's first baby. The visit is cut shorter than June would like but June promises her that she will always love her and tells her to enjoy life, to be careful, and to be safe, also asking her Martha to protect her.

Once June and Nick are left alone in the house, Guardians arrive to take Nick captive while June is left behind, having kept herself hidden in the house.

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