The Handmaid's Tale S02E12 "Postpartum" Recap

June is hooked up to a breast pump after having been found and rescued. Serena is overjoyed to have a baby to take care of. Aunt Lydia is upset that June doesn't seem to be able to produce enough milk to be delivered to the baby. June reminds her that she promised to take care of the baby. Aunt Lydia arranges for June to be able to see the baby in order to help induce lactation. Fred brings the baby for June to see and June requests to nurse the baby, who is now being called Nicole, but Fred turns her down. However, Aunt Lydia is later able to convince Fred that it's in the baby's best interest to let June back into the house since the closer proximity does increase June's lactation. Serena is furious at Fred overruling her wishes and orders June to stay away from the baby despite being back in the house.

Aunt Lydia brings Emily to a new household after being rejected by four other couples. The new household head she must deal with is Commander Lawrence, who is also referred to as the "architect of Gilead's economy."

June has a private moment with Eden, who admits she looks forward to some day being able to nurse a child of her own. June encourages her to find love wherever she can and assures her she has nothing to worry about in regards to Nick. Later, Nick approaches June to say how beautiful their baby is and how he wishes he could hold her. June admits to feeling the same way and indulges briefly in the fantasy of being able to take her baby and run away with Nick to Hawaii. Their moment is interrupted by Fred who is searching for Isaac, who never showed up to his shift. Nick reveals to Fred how Isaac has fallen into an affair with Eden, who is also missing. The pair have eloped, further angering Fred and Serena for their repeated brushes with scandals.

Commander Lawrence's wife Eleanor later approaches Emily, wanting to know her real name, and informing her that Lawrence was the one that created the Colonies. She becomes emotional and practically hysterical when he appears, outraged at him for what he has done. Lawrence locks his wife in her room for her to calm down and brings Emily downstairs where he interrogates her and reveals that he knows significant information about her past.

Eden and Isaac are caught by Gilead's officers. Nick has a private moment with Eden, who admits that she and Isaac love each other and that they want to be together. Eden asks for forgiveness an Nick in turn asks her to forgive him. They make peace with one another for their wrongdoings and part on good terms. Eden and Isaac are then brought out onto a diving board above a swimming pool while wrapped in chains each connected to a dead weight. A crowd watches and both refuse to admit any wrongdoing, nor do they ask for forgiveness. Eden recites 1 Corinthians 13 before both are pushed off the diving board and drown.

Serena and Fred are shaken by the deaths of Eden and Isaac, and are able to make peace with one another for the time being, with Serena even allowing Offred to nurse the baby.

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