Wynonna Earp S03E07 "I Fall To Pieces" Recap

When last we saw Wynonna Earp she had struck a strictly sexual relationship with Charlie the fireman. What better way to consummate this new adventure than doing it in an actual fire truck? But the fun can't last forever, as Nicole shows up and interrupts their latest bout of shenanigans. After all, the new sheriff of Purgatory has a responsibility to the town and must set a precedent from the start. She's also brought Waverly along and the couple bring Wynonna home together.

On the way, Waverly addresses the elephant in the room. Clearly Wynonna must be finished with whatever relationship she had previously had with Doc. Wynonna coldly says that they were never a thing. But what is a thing is Doc's new transformation into a vampire. Upon waking with Kate, his hand is burning. Bulshar's ring is rejecting him, something he's not particularly happy about. But Kate is at least happy, that Doc is now a vampire linked to her forever.

Wynonna arrives at the station with Nicole and Waverly. Nedley turns over his secret closet containing all the various cases he ever worked on that had supernatural aspects involved. It's up to Wynonna and Nicole as to what they want to keep and what they want to dispose of. But Nicole is also concerned about getting the full support of the city council to be fully appointed as sheriff. One council member in particular, Bunny Loblaw, will be the main challenge.

Doc has an awkward encounter with Michelle in the barn. She holds him at gunpoint and says she needs to get out for a while, as she's been cooped up for too long. He agrees and the pair take off in his truck.

While Nicole and Wynonna work through sorting Nedley's closet, Wynonna points out that they've only been assigned this to make them practice working together much like how they will on future cases. Nicole wants to be meticulous in sorting through the items while Wynonna thinks it's mostly useless junk. It appears as if the pair have some rough patches they'll need to sort through. Nicole is determined to go through things with a keen on eye, in case there's something waiting to be discovered that can help them take out Bulshar, which would achieve justice for Dolls. A scuffle breaks out between the two and a mirror ends up broken, along with other miscellaneous items from the closet.

Wynonna heads to Doc's bar and comes across Nedley drinking. Wynonna vents to him about Nicole, but Nedley advises her to go easy on her, believing the two have more in common than she might realise.

Nicole has to head back home where she'll be meting with councilwoman Bunny Loblaw. The first impression between the two isn't great. She orders Nicole to move her cat away from their meeting, claiming to be deathly allergic, and while Nicole is gone Bunny makes a homophobic remark about Nicole and Waverly. Nicole tries to reasonably pitch herself as sheriff but Bunny won't take no for an answer about learning what's really going on in Purgatory. If Nicole wants to be sheriff, she needs to tell the truth where Nedley had always made up some strange excuse like a costume party gone awry or animals had escaped from the zoo. Nicole tries to explain what's really going on but Wynonna shows up and interrupts the conversation. Bunny is happy to see her, because for some reason she thinks Wynonna would be better suited to be sheriff since she is more of a straight-shooter (no pun intended) and she comes from one of Purgatory's original families. Nicole excuses herself and pulls Wynonna into another room where they begin to bicker. Wynonna assures her she doesn't want to be sheriff but Nicole goes further, saying Wynonna isn't cut out to manage anything.

While they are arguing, an eerie revenant that rose earlier in the episode looks through the living room window. When Bunny sees him, she falls unconscious. It's not entirely clear if this is caused by fear or from some supernatural cause. Wynonna and Nicole return to the room and find that Bunny is still out cold and Nicole's cat has come downstairs, standing on top of Bunny. Nicole discovers some medication from Bunny's bag and uses it to wake her. She loads Bunny up in the back of her cop car to take her to the hospital but when she and Wynonna begin to argue again, two frat guys steal Nicole's cruiser and get away with Bunny still inside.

Wynonna and Nicole follow the pair using Bunny's car to a revenant roadhouse. They struggle to get the car open as Nicole's spare key breaks off in the key-hole. They go inside to try to get the original keys back from the frat guys but find the pair are being help captive by revenants. Wynonna challenges them to a drinking contest. The frat guys are set free in order to bring Bunny to the hospital. Wynonna and Nicole must win to secure their freedom and if the revenants win they can kill the women. Wynonna and Nicole seemingly win until the revenants realise Wynonna had ben cheating, forcing Wynonna and Nicole to escape into the woods. The pair are handcuffed together and Nicole is very drunk so it's quite the comedic struggle as the pair fumble through the woods.

Doc takes Michelle to Ward and Willa's grave, just as she requested. Michelle shares how she wanted to leave Purgatory when she was younger, but ended up staying because she got pregnant and married to Warp Earp. She talks about her affair with Julian and how Ward pushed Julian outside the Ghost River Triangle on the night Waverly was born. Julian hasn't been seen or heard from since, and Michelle admits that she learned this information from Bobo whom she has freed. Doc is horrified to learn that Bobo is free now and says he will stop Michelle if he needs to.

Back at the station, Jeremy and Waverly are going through all the things that have happened to Nicole and realise that all this back luck can't be purely coincidental. They then remember the broken mirror and decide to try to put it back together in case that's the cause.

Wynonna and Nicole do their best to fight off the revenants but it's then that the demon from before emerges and does away with another one of the revenants. He yells at the women that they owe him a new wife and chases them back to the station. Waverly realises that the mirror wasn't the only thing Nicole and Waverly broken and that the demon is actually a gnome. One other item that was broken was a gnome lawn ornament. While Nicole and Wynonna struggle to fight off the gnome, Waverly and Jeremy work to repair the broken gnome. When it's taped back together, a bolt of lightning strikes it and makes it appear as good as new. The gnome demon releases Wynonna and Nicole and grabs his gnome wife, leaving the station with it.

Bunny visits Wynonna at the station and continues to be both homophobic and xenophobic against Nicole, whom she refuses to endorse for sheriff. Wynonna points out that Bunny has seen at least one monster today and that if Bunny doesn't endorse Nicole, Wynonna will send many more monsters after Bunny. Bunny is angry but terrified so she agrees. Nicole had overheard the entire exchange and is grateful to Wynonna. They appear to finally reach an understanding with one another and are better prepared to work together on more cases to keep Purgatory safe. Wynonna also shows Nicole a picture she discovered of a young Nicole with Nedley. As it turns out, Nedley was the one who saved her from the massacre by the Cult of Bulshar, not Black Badge.

Nicole visits Nedley and talks to him about his saving her. He admits that he kept an eye on her after he saved her and naturally couldn't resist offering her a job when he learned that she enrolled in the police academy. Nedley sees her as a daughter and promises to always be there when she needs him, congratulating her on the position of Sheriff.

Doc returns to Kate's home and finds the mementos she's kept from the various people she's killed as a vampire. When Kate realises that Doc wants to help Wynonna she grows jealous and says that she will never want him now that he has changed into a vampire. Doc appreciates how Wynonna believes in his ability to be better, but Kate points out that she is the one that loves him even at his worst. Doc grabs the gun and other items to give to Michelle, who intends to leave Purgatory in search of Julian. Doc points out that Wynonna may not forgive her for leaving but Michelle snaps back that she will not allow a vampire to lecture him on love. The unsettling point of this exchange is that Doc never told Michelle that he is a vampire.

Wynonna returns home and finds Waverly crying over Michelle's goodbye letter. Wynonna is less upset, since she's not so surprised by this development. She also has a letter from her mother that tells her not to trust Doc and that he's not who she thinks he is. She confronts him about this and he gives her Bulshar's ring to protect herself. He goes on to admit that he spent the day with Michelle and also that she is the one who has released Bobo. Wynonna is still determined to get the truth and the argument escalates, with all the emotional baggage of their relationship weighing heavily on their interactions. Wynonna grows increasingly demanding and aggressive, even slapping Doc until he snaps at her and reveals his yellow-eyed vampirism. Wynonna understands now what her mother was trying to warn her about, and that Kate has turned him. Wynonna brings up their daughter, and what she would think of her father selling his soul for the sake of immortality. Wynonna then banishes Doc from her home and tearfully goes back inside.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c.


First 11 Locations, Dates Set On 2019 Wizard World Calendar

‘Ghostbusters Fan Fest’ In L.A., Plus Chicago, Philadelphia Lead Events Scheduled To Date; Additional Cities, Dates To Be Announced; 2018 Springfield, Montgomery Events Canceled

Cosplayer-1.JPGLOS ANGELES, August 30, 2018 – With several of its traditional cities plus the exciting “ Ghostbusters Fan Fest” as highlights, Wizard Wizard World, Inc. (OTCBB: WIZD) today announced the initial 11 events to be held in 2019, beginning with New Orleans, January 4-6. Additional cities and venues are still to be scheduled and will be announced when finalized.

Wizard World also announced that its Springfield, Mo., and Montgomery, Ala., shows, which were originally scheduled for October 26-28 and November 9-11, 2018, as first time markets, will not be held. All remaining 2018 Wizard World events will proceed as scheduled.

The 2019 calendar will see the return of Wizard World’s two longest-running events, Chicago (22nd year) and  Philadelphia (19th annual). In addition, Wizard World will hold its tenth Austin  and ninth New Orleans and Columbus  shows, as well as its seventh visits to Portland and St. Louis , respectively. The dates for Tulsa and Sacramento will be established following the 2018 events in those cities. Tickets for all 2019 Wizard World events are available for sale now at http://www.wizardworld.com.

The 2019 schedule to date is as follows (*denotes new for 2019):

· January 4-6, New Orleans, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
· February 22-24, Portland, Ore., Oregon Convention Center
· March 8-10, Cleveland, Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
· April 5-7, St. Louis, America’s Center
· *June 8-9, Ghostbusters Fan Fest Presented By Wizard World, Sony Pictures Studio Lot in Culver City, Calif.
· June 13-16, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Convention Center
· July 19-21, Boise, Idaho, Boise Centre
· August 22-25, Chicago, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
· October 18-20, Columbus, Ohio, Greater Columbus Convention Center
· October 25-27, Madison, Wis., Alliant Energy Center
· TBD, Tulsa, Okla., Cox Business Center
· TBD, Sacramento, Calif., Cal Expo
· November 8-10, Austin, Texas, Austin Convention Center    
·  2020 TBD, Des Moines, Iowa, Iowa Events Center

The rosters of celebrities and artists at each city are still being formed; those, as well as entertainment and programming schedules, will be announced closer to each respective date.

Wizard World events bring together thousands of fans of all ages to celebrate the best in pop culture: movies, television, gaming, live entertainment, comics, sci-fi, graphic novels, toys, original art, collectibles, contests and more. Kids 10 and under are admitted free with paid adult.

Wizard World is also the place for cosplay, with fans young and old showing off their best costumes throughout the event. Fans dressed as every imaginable character – and some never before dreamed – will roam the convention floor and participate in the famed Wizard World Costume Contest on Saturday evening at each show.


The Good Place S02E02 "Everything Is Great!" (Part 2) Recap

Jason is still brought into the Good Place under the guise of him being the monk 'Jianyu' and he maintain this facade to the best of his ability. But this time his assigned soulmate is Luang, who is also a monk and the two are supposed to be spiritual companions who have their monk philosophies and spirituality in common. Luang stays with Jason always and copies everything he does. Jason grows increasingly bored and restless, and tries to escape Luang whenever he can find a way. Jason also meets Janet, who is nice to him as always, and he quickly becomes attached to her.

Vicky, the demon whom had formerly portrayed the role of "Real Eleanor" is upset with Michael for only giving her a minor role in the new Good Place as the pizza parlor owner named Denise. She tries to convince Michael to allow her to take on a more significant role in the ongoing plots.

Eleanor confronts Chidi about the note she received telling her to find him, saying that the note is in her own handwriting even though she doesn't remember ever writing it. Chidi checks the paper and determines that it is a page from a book he has in his library, leading him to suspect that they've met before despite not having any memories of this. Eleanor and Chidi go back to her place where she admits that she doesn't really belong in the Good Place, echoing the events of their first time through the simulation. Michael, Janet, Tahani, and Jason then arrive at Eleanor's house along with their soulmates. Once Tahani and Jason openly complain about their circumstances in the Good Place, Eleanor has a revelation again that they are not actually in the Good Place, but the Bad Place. She also reveals the note she had written to herself.

Michael ultimately decides to reboot the Good Place after taking back the note Eleanor wrote. However, he hides these actions and the failure from which they stemmed, since Shawn had forbidden him from anything past a second attempt.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S02E01 "Everything Is Great!" (Part 1) Recap

As all of the humans have had their memories erased to reset their time in Michael's pretend Good Place, a few minor adjustments have been made. Eleanor is not assigned Chidi as her soulmate so she doesn't know who he is. Michael is under tremendous pressure to make this assignment succeed under the threat of Shawn 'retiring' him upon it's failure.

Chidi's new torturous circumstances are that he is told that there are two potential soulmate matches he has, while another man is also stuck in this precarious lovesquare. He spends time with both women over dinner (with the man) and determines he has more in common with Angelique. But just after he's expressed that there is more of a connection with her, Michael arrives and says that the machine has finally been able to calculate that his true soul mate is Pevita, with whom he had little in common.

Tahani is assigned a soulmate named Tomas, who is significantly shorter than her and also has an unrefined taste compared to her more posh standards. They've also been assigned to an extremely small home that is even smaller than the home Eleanor is in.

Michael intends for Eleanor to get drunk at the welcome party and make a scene just like she did in the first simulation but instead it is Tahani who does these things since she is so dissatisfied with her circumstances and Eleanor is more preoccupied with trying to find Chidi due to the note Janet had given her.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


Castle Rock S01E08 "Past Perfect" Recap

Molly finalises her sale of Lacy's house. The new owners, married couple Gordon and Lilith, have their own sordid history that's eerily unveiled. Gordon has one hell of a murderous streak that will only escalate as the episode unfolds. They moved to Castle Rock after Lilith had an affarid with one of Gordon's co-workers, whom Gordon viciously confronted and attacked for this. They decide to turn their new house into a bed and breakfast, but Gordon ends up violently murdering the first couple that books with them. The couple had been having affairs on their respective spouses and Gordon grew increasingly disturbed late at night upon hearing them making love. Lilith walks in after the deed is done, horrified by the gruesome scene.

On that same night, Molly sense through her connection to Henry that something is wrong. She drives out into the woods and frees him from the locked sensory depravation chamber hidden in Odin's camper. They escape the forest without ever discovering Odin's murdered corpse. Molly wonders if she is crazy but Henry assures her she isn't.

Henry returns home and finds his mother sleeping in bed. Upon entering the kitchen he finds The Kid at the sink. Henry wants to know where his son Wendell is, and Wendell returns just then. He seems surprised to see The Kid is still there and Henry tells his son to go upstairs and lock the door. The Kid walks outside and Henry follows him out to the shed where Alan's dead body is still lying in a pool of blood. The Kid informs Henry of Ruth's accidentally killing him the previous night. The Kid proposes that they hide the body in order to protect Ruth, horrifying Henry. Unbeknownst to either of them, Wendell calls the state police out of fear for the well-being of his loved ones. The Kid points out that Henry can hear "them" now. The Kid speaks cryptically about waiting for Henry for 27 years, and having rescued him from "that basement" and not having asked for any of this. The Kid escapes through a back door of the shed, leaving Henry to deal with the police. The Kid becomes the main suspect in Alan's murder.

Gordon dismembers the bodies of his victims while Lilith helps him to cover up his crimes, still determined to repair the state of her marriage. Henry later breaks into their home and discovers Lacy's drawings of The Kid, always the same age and appearance as he now appears despite drawings having dates on them from 27 years prior. Molly tries to call him, saying she will be coming over since she has an unsettling feeling and doesn't want to be alone right now.

Gordon and Lilith discover Henry and Lilith tries to attack and kill him with a knife, out of fear that he will lead to them being discovered for murdering their lodgers. In the ensuing struggle, Lilith accidentally stabs herself in the jugular and falls down the stairs, bleeding out to death. Henry runs outside and attempts to drive away but Gordon attacks him with a knife and forces him out of the car. Jackie Torrance arrives and saves Henry by killing Gordon with an axe.

While Henry must once again deal with local law enforcement, Molly arrives at his house and finds The Kid. He speaks to her, saying that Henry isn't ready yet but Molly can help The Kid, as he believes they know each other. He shares personal information about her to prove their connection, and goes on to say that he has seen her die in the woods.

Castle Rock premieres new episodes on Wednesdays on Hulu.


The Good Place S01E13 "Michael's Gambit" Recap

Eleanor and Jason arrive back at the Good Place with Janet just after Shawn's deadline has passed. However, he declares that they can decide with Chidi and Tahani of which two will be sent to the Bad Place. Any of them can go, but ultimately two must be sent. Different arguments are made, and after some time Eleanor decides that she should be one of the two, displaying that she truly has become a more selfless person. The arguments escalate and tensions rise until Eleanor finally has an epiphany about their circumstances; they are actually in the Bad Place already and that all of the ways that they have been 'torturing' one another have been designed for that very purpose. Michael begins to laugh maniacally and says that it's all true. The 'Good Place' that they've been living in was simply a new Bad Place neighborhood that he designed himself as part of an experimental new torture plan he had pitched to his boss. These four are the only real humans living there and the Janet they have been living with is a real 'Good Place' Janet that Michael stole from the Good Place to help him run the fake Good Place.

In a series of flashbacks, Michael is at his architect job and had to beg to be able to go ahead with his 'Good Place' idea which he pitched at a meeting run by Shawn. As the humans have figured out his true scheme, Michael begs Shawn for a 'redo'. He will erase their memories and make some adjustments so the torture will stick. Shawn agrees to this, while Eleanor secretly rips a page out of Chidi's book and writes a message to herself which she hides in Janet's mouth.

After the reset, Eleanor is brought in to meet Michael in a similar manner to the beginning of the series. After she moves in to her home, Janet arrives and presents her with the piece of paper that Eleanor had previously hidden. The paper has a message written: "Eleanor - Find Chidi."

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E12 "Mindy St. Claire" Recap

Eleanor, Jason, and Janet arrive at the "Medium Place" where they meet its one and only resident, Mindy St. Claire. She was an attorney in the 1980's and lived a selfish life with an excessive consumption of cocaine. But just prior to her death, various actions she took resulted in a massive global charity being formed that helped so many that she received a giant boost in her points. As a result, the Medium Place was formed where she can live a generically average life. Nothing is incredible or spectacular, but nothing is painful or torturous.

Shawn is moving ahead with his trial of both Eleanor and Jason, regardless of their escape and not being present for the proceedings. Chidi, Tahani, Michael, and the other Eleanor all make statements to try to help Eleanor stay in the Good Place. Ultimately, Shawn rules against both Eleanor and Jason. He goes on to state that if they don't return to be shipped off to the Bad Place, then Chidi and Tahani will be sent in their place.

Eleanor learns of this ruling and the fact that Chidi and Tahani will be made to suffer in their place so she forces Jason and Janet to return with her to the Good Place to spare them from a fate they don't deserve.

In a series of flashbacks into Eleanor's life, the full extent of her death-events are shown, along with her deciding to become an emancipated minor to escape her reckless, irresponsible parents, along with miscellaneous other moments.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E11 "What's My Motivation" Recap

Tahani's proposal to try to help Eleanor remain in the Good Place is that all her good deeds will add to her overall point tally. Eleanor begins to perform various good deeds around the neighborhood and even recreated Tahani's welcoming party. Many of the residents are charmed by the gestures but her score doesn't move until she advises Chidi to pursue the other Eleanor, who had also declared her love for Chidi. This leads Eleanor to realise that when acting out of self-preservation, any good deeds won't help her score since they will be considered 'selfish' actions only motivated by self-preservation. Eleanor secretly decides to leave the Good Place to spare her friends from any further burdens and find a way to become a good person herself, and unknowingly this action boosts her score to the necessary heights she had previously failed to reach.

Michael learns of Jason's true identity as well as the fact that he and Janet are now married. This rebooted Janet declares that she loves Jason, and has seemingly developed emotions that she isn't supposed to have. This makes Michael decide to reboot her once again in an effort to 'fix' the problem.

Shawn's train arrives and Eleanor secretly hijacks the train with the help of Janet and Jason (who are attempting to flee from Michael's attempts to reboot her), and Janet steers it to take them to a "Medium Place" which they didn't previously know existed.

In flashbacks, Jason's death is showed to have been the result of a botched robbery attempt he was doing with his friend Pillboi. Jason was hiding inside a safe and suffocated inside of it. Afterwards, Pillboi was only placed on probation and not charged in the death, since it was entirely accidental.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E10 "Chidi's Choice" Recap

The two Eleanors work together on the first Eleanor's defense case for her upcoming court case to try to stay in the Good Place. Throughout their conversation, the other Eleanor helps Eleanor to realise that she has fallen in love with Chidi.

After Tahani confronts Jason and presses him to reveal who he really is, he shares his truths about his identity and the ways that Chidi helped him attempt to be kinder and more charming to appeal to Tahani. This prompts her to tell Chidi she loves him just as Eleanor has done the same. As Chidi is terrible at making decisions, his reaction to the double-confession is panic. Through Michael's guidance, Chidi is able to understand and be more confident about the necessary decision he must make. Meanwhile, Eleanor has already decided that she doesn't want her friendship with Tahani to be ruined so the pair spend the rest of the day together.

Jason grows increasingly appreciative of this new, simplistic Janet and the 'kindness' that her state shows him so he proposes marriage to her. Eleanor and Tahani are attending Jason and Janet's wedding when Chidi arrives, seemingly prepared to make a decision. However, Eleanor has already decided to claim that the 'love' she has for him is merely symptomatic of the depth of their friendship and the gratitude she has towards him for teaching her to be a more moral person. Tahani also declares that her momentary 'love' confession was a result of her being on the rebound. Tahani also comes up with a plan to help Eleanor stay in the good place so the women leave together.

In a series of flashbacks into Chidi's life, his indecisiveness is revealed to have repeatedly caused problems for him. As a child, he wasted an entire recess because he was unable to pick teammates for a sports team he was supposed to be the captain of. As an adult, he was a poor best man to his best friend Uzo, as being the best man to a wedding involves repeatedly making decisions. This culminated in Chidi's death by being crushed by an air conditioning unit that had fallen loose while he was standing underneath it while not being able to make a decision on which bar to visit with Uzo.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E09 "...Someone Like Me as a Member" Recap

The negotiations are underway to determine the fate of the two Eleanors. Michael decides to use Tahani's house as a home base for which to hold the meetings but the demons that have come to visit from the Bad Place opt to derail the discussions into rowdy parties. Michael allows them to be rambunctious and walk all over him, something which upsets Tahani greatly.

Chidi and the other Eleanor have dinner together and find they have a great deal in common while Eleanor and Trevor are also present. This makes things awkward for Chidi since he is now getting to meet the soulmate he was supposed to have after also bonding with the original Eleanor that arrived in the Good Place.

Tahani encourages Michael to stand up for himself, which he finally does at the main negotiation session. He declares war on the Bad Place and vows to fight for the first Eleanor to be able to stay in the Good Place. Trevor retaliates by saying he will summon Shawn, an "Eternal Judge" to rule on the proceedings involving the fate of the Eleanors. Nonetheless, Michael throws the demons out of the Good Place.

Later that night, Jason goes to his secret "meditation room" and discovers Tahani waiting for him. She demands that he share who he truly is once and for all.

Through a series of flashbacks, the first Eleanor is shown to dislike joining social groups and frequently finding ways to avoid or leave them.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


Preacher S03E10 "The Light Above" Recap

Flashback to Jesse's childhood and he attempts and fails to kill his grandmother. All the while, both God and Satan are watching his actions.

In the present time period, T.C. and Jody are trying to stop Jesse who uses his restored Genesis powers to force T.C. to wound himself. Jesse also beats Jody in a bout of mortal combat in the Tombs, after which he burns the place down. T.C. willingly stays behind to die in the flames. Jesse then uses his powers to force his grandmother to release himself and Tulip from the spells she had entrapped them with, as well as destroy the suitcase she had kept to store the souls of her victims. Grandma L'Angelle warns Jesse that he will go to hell if he murders her but he goes ahead with it anyway.

Tulip, Sydney, and the Saint of Killers fight alongside one another to battle the neo-Nazis that are attempting to rescue Hitler, who ends up knocked out by Eugene while trying to run away. God stops a bullet that would've hit Tulip and then offers her a blessing to bestow upon her family if she will persuade Jesse to cease his search for God. Tulip rejects the offer and makes her escape. The Saint delivers the rest of the captives to Satan and gets his guns returned per the arrangement made beforehand. He also learns that God was the one who let the Saint's family die. The Saint then kills Satan in retribution, after which Hitler takes his seat. The Saint then leaves Hell with Eugene.

Cassidy finally manages to convince the Children of Blood that Eccarius has been killing his former victims. As all the Children of Blood have been secretly turned into vampires, they retaliate by eating Eccarius. Hoover then arrives and hides while shielding Cassidy under an umbrella. It's then that the Grail rips the roof of the building which exposes all the Children of Blood to sunlight and consequently death. Cassidy is captures and brought to Masada, the Grail headquarters, where Starr kills Hoover. He intends to torture Cassidy and kill Jesse, who has reunited with Tulip and learned of Cassidy's capture by the Grail.

Preacher airs on AMC.


The Good Place S01E08 "Most Improved Player" Recap

The residents of the Good Place are still reeling after the 'death' of Janet, who has yet to return to her regular, fully functioning capabilities. Michael interviews Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason about Eleanor and Janet's 'murder' after Eleanor confessed to not actually belonging in the Good Place. The interviews are done with some extra difficulty because each time Janet has a request made to her, she replies by presenting a new cactus instead of the actually requested object. While Janet is still re-loading and learning the various functions and capabilities she once had, Eleanor's real file is finally produced so Michael can try to understand who she really is.

Unfortunately, the 'real' Eleanor's life doesn't hold up so well to the high standards of the Good Place. Another series of flashbacks show a long, messy tale that began with Eleanor accidentally ruining a dress that belonged to her friend. Instead of taking responsibility for this mistake, Eleanor blamed it on the innocent dry cleaners. This situation further escalated when the friend filed a lawsuit that bankrupted the dry cleaners, her friend having a meltdown that went viral, and Eleanor and another friend profited off of selling t-shirts that insulted their friend's incident.

Michael decides to call the Bad Place so some members can pick up Eleanor and bring her to where she actually belongs. When the train arrives, the group meets Trevor, an unpleasant scumbag that works in the Bad Place. In a bold move, Chidi confesses to killing Janet and further shares how he has been teaching Eleanor to be a better person. Michael is moved by the gesture and goes with the group to the train station to insist that Eleanor will not be taken. Trevor says that they're free to continue holding Eleanor while they continue to analyse the situation but goes on to say that in return they'll be keeping the other Eleanor Shellstrop who was actually supposed to be in the Good Place but has been in the Bad Place instead. He proceeds to reveal Eleanor, whom he brought along on the train and reveals to the group.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E07 "The Eternal Shriek" Recap

Michael announces that he will be retiring, with the "retirement" being a series of eternal torture treatments. It's also revealed that the only way out of the neighborhood is by train, with the train being something that only a Janet robot can summon and operate.

Chidi tries to convince Eleanor to come forward since it is ethically wrong for Michael to be tortured forever for something he didn't do. She doesn't feel bad until she learns that "retirement" isn't something pleasant for Michael. Tahani also feels guilty since she had been planning a party for Michael without knowing that retirement was torture.

In a series of flashbacks, Chidi is shown to lie to a coworker. The coworker had purchased a pair of expensive, gaudy boots. Chidi didn't want to offend him, so he claimed to like them. But he is wracked with guilt over the fib for three years until the truth explodes out of him after the coworker survives a difficult surgery.

Tahani holds the going away party for Michael but despite her valiant efforts, the party is very sombre.

Eleanor and Chidi learnthat Janet has a killswitch that causes her memories to be wiped out and reset. Eleanor wants to press it since she won't be able to work the train that will take Michael to retirement. But Chidi believes it's unethical so the two argue in-between Janet's safety protocol being triggered any time they get too close to the button. Jason almost presses the button but when Chidi tries to push him out of the way he accidentally presses it himself.

Michael is shocked from the revelation that Janet has been murdered. He apologises to Tahani for lashing out at her for supposedly distracting him from Janet when she was murdered. Janet doesn't die in a traditional sense, since she isn't human, but she does reset all functioning and is not functioning properly yet.

Michael announces to everyone that he will not be retiring, since there is something else going on wrong with the neighborhood than him. He has every intention of finding Janet's 'killer' and Eleanor finally decides to do the right thing. She tells Chidi she loves him (seemingly platonically) and then announces to everyone that she is the problem as she was brought to the Good Place by mistake.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E06 "What We Owe to Each Other" Recap

Eleanor is worried about helping Michael with his investigation into the strange happenings around the neighborhood and whether or not it will lead to her being found out. Chidi assures her that she needs to keep her promise to help and that she can make it through this. Eleanor ultimately finds ways to distract Michael from his investigation, such as frozen yogurt, karaoke, and arcade games. While they bond, Michael admits that it's not typical for architects to live in the neighborhoods. He chose to do so and now he will have to face the full weight of the consequences of these failures with everything being considered his fault.

Tahani attempts to bond more with Jianyu, which causes Chidi to have to come along on a spa day to run interference. If Jason says much about himself then his secret will inevitably be found out. Tahani is discouraged by her continued inability to connect with Jianyu but she later bonds more with Chidi over some shared interests.

Michael determines that the cause of the problems is a single person behaving unpredictably. This person was someone around on the day of the dinner but the list of suspects is too long to have much to go on just yet. Michael becomes discouraged once more and says he wants to give up.

Flashbacks show Eleanor agreeing to house-sit for a friend and babysit her dog. But when another friend shows up to invite her to a Rihanna concert in Vegas, Eleanor leaves the dog with a massive amount of food which the dog consumes too quickly and leads it to have a permanent disability. When the first friend confronts Eleanor about this, Eleanor doesn't feel guilt over her actions.

Jason wants to give Tahani a painting of his favourite comedic impressionist after she had previously expressed an interest in impressionist (art). Chidi runs interference and swaps the painting out with one he painted himself of three ballerina versions of Tahani in an impressionist style. Tahani is overjoyed and accepts Jianyu as her soulmate.

Michael orders a meeting of the neighborhood and Eleanor believes he'll be outing her as the cause of the problems. Instead he declares that he is the cause of the problems and says he will be leaving everyone forever.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


Wynonna Earp S03E06 "If We Make It Through December" Recap

It's Christmas at the Earp household and everyone is embracing the holiday spirit. Michelle is decorating the Christmas tree while Nicole shows Waverly her elf costume. Doc delivers another Christmas tree but Michelle send him away, still harboring a grudge over his secrecy with having been married to vampire-Kate.

Sheriff Nedley is dressing up as Santa Claus for a local festival. A child attending runs off in pursuit of a man in red whom he believes to be the real Santa Claus. Commence the screaming -- there's a new foe to defeat!

Wynonna finally reveals what she has learned from Bobo; Waverly's father is an angel. Michelle is reluctant to tell the story when it's the holidays but she begrudgingly shares with Waverly that her father's name is Julian. Michelle loved him but he disappeared the day Waverly was born. She never got around to searching for him since she was preoccupied with being a mother to her daughters and fighting off the demon that was hunting Waverly. Waverly doesn't feel like an angel and Wynonna admits it's possible that Bobo was lying. Michelle is surprised to learn that Bobo is still alive and shares that he was present when Waverly was born. Wynonna is called in to help with the search for the missing child from the holiday festival and leaves Waverly to speak more with Michelle, who no longer wants to speak about the past.

Doc brings the tree that Michelle sent him away with over to the station. Jeremy is less than friendly with him, as Robin never called him after their date and he's been in low spirits ever since. Doc coaches him to pursue what he wants and Jeremy decides to call Robin himself. But his phone is shown to be ringing in a bowl at some unknown, insidious facility where the sounds of torture victims screaming can be heard. The boy who was kidnapped earlier is at this facility and gets put into a cage with Robin after being announced as someone on the naughty list.

Waverly visit Bobo at the well and threatens him with a shotgun, demanding to know whatever information he is keeping secret about her birth. He shares how he went to the Gibson greenhouse and went inside when he heard screaming. Michelle was inside right after Waverly's birth. She passes out from blood loss but not before giving Waverly to Bobo to keep safe. Bobo brought the baby to Michelle's husband, Ward, who held a gun at them since he knew the baby didn't belong to him. But Bobo used his powers to take the gun and threatened to kill Ward if he dared to hurt Waverly. Waverly wants to know whatever it is that Bobo is leaving out of the story, since it can't be a coincidence that Bobo was around the day her father went missing. Bobo hints that he knows more but won't give up the goods until he is let out of the well. Waverly merely shuts the well back up and leaves to process the information.

Nicole is at the festival attempting to collect witness statements. Nedley is wracked with guilt over not having been able to prevent the kidnapping. Nicole points Wynonna in the direction of the kidnapping. Wynonna meets an officer from fire services named Charlie who is also looking for clues. There's a lot of blood but it's too much to be from just a missing child. Wynonna theorizes that someone is attempting to stage a false murder so that law enforcement won't search for the boy. A falling tree branch nearly hits Wynonna but Charlie pulls her out of the way. Wynonna then brings Charlie back to meet the rest of the team at the station. She has a sample of the blood for Jeremy to test. The boy, Tim, comes from a family with an extensive history entangled in Purgatory so the running theory is that Bulshar is being this kidnapping. Explaining Bulshar's identity to Charlie proves difficult, but Jeremy's mood is significantly improved upon realizing that Robin's family also has a long history in Purgatory so Robin might not be ghosting him after all.

Wynonna and Doc go to ask his wife Kate about why Bulshar would be targeting first families. It turns out that Bulshar had ordered the vampire clan to separate the descendent of first families from others but they were not to be killed. The motive however, remains a mystery. Doc is protective of Kate when Wynonna is suspicious of her, since he thinks Kate was an innocent victim pulled into being a vampire. But Kate points out that she was already a vampire when they first met. She told him repeatedly but he was often high on opium and thought these admissions were part of some salacious role-playing games. After Doc got sick, Kate left to return to the other vampires because she couldn't bear to watch him die. Wynonna leaves angry at the clear connection between Doc and Kate. Doc follows her back to the station and pushes her to see that their connection is deeper than what he had with Kate. Wynonna kisses him momentarily before pulling away once more. Doc wants to continue their romantic relationship but Wynonna wants to resume work on the case.

Nicole and Charlie follow a lead back into the woods in search of Tim. Nicole discovers a pile of petals in the snow and Charlie snaps a photo. Back at the facility, a man is forced into a chair and Bulshar taunts Tim and Robin to watch this man die just as their ancestors watched Bulshar die. Bulshar pours green goo into the funnel that covers the man and Robin covers Tim's eyes.

The petals Nicole found are not native to the area they were found but they can be used to cover noxious fumes that can be produced from a factory. The blood sample Wynonna had brought back is also found to be pig's blood, not a young boy's. The team then searches for the facility that Bulshar could be keeping his victims.

Bulshar is taunting Tim at the facility, since Tim's ancestors helped Wyatt Earp ambush him. Bulshar is prepared to kill Tim but Robin jumps in to offer himself up to go next. Ever the good guy, he attempts to reassure Tim even as Bulshar straps him into a chair.

Charlie meets Wynonna at the facility she believes is Bulshar's lair. She tests him to make sure that he's not a demon. He helps her break in with the use of his fire equipment and find all the kidnapping victims. Although Bulshar gets away, Wynonna kills several revenants while Charlies frees the prisoners from their cells. Everyone is brought back to the station and the victims are reunited with their loved ones. Robin and Jeremy share a kiss, as Robin assures him he wouldn't have ghosted him were it not for the kidnapping. Charlie and Wynonna also strike up a flirtation.

Nicole visiting Nedley in his office. He is still distraught over not being able to stop Tim's kidnapping. He then drops a major revelation; he will be retiring and Nicole will be the new sheriff of Purgatory.

Team Earp gather for Christmas dinner. Doc questions Wynonna over how she didn't call him when she found Bulshar's facility. She says that Charlie was there and everything was fine. Doc seems to get the message loud and clear that things are over between them, romantically speaking anyway. Doc leaves after the group shares a toast. Waverly tells Wynonna to go after him but Michelle discourages this until after dinner. The pair are washing dishes and Michelle then says Wynonna should go after Doc but Wynonna points out that he is still married to a vampire. Wynonna also believes she doesn't deserve him. Michelle assures Wynonna of her worth, and doesn't want her to settle for anything less after all that Michelle herself went through. Wynonna says they can find Julian if that's something Michelle wants to do.

Wynonna leaves but goes off in search of Charlie. He is surprisingly calm about all the supernatural revelations he has experienced since helping Wynonna out. They share a kiss and Wynonna says she doesn't want anything with strings. He is more than happy to jump on board.

Michelle visits Bobo in the well and demands to know where Julian is. She has even brought a rope to get him out of the well in exchange for what he knows.

Finally, Doc visits Kate who was attacked by Bulshar's followers who had come to collect fealty. She was able to fight them off but not without picking up a few injuries. Kate reminds Doc that she needs him and he agrees to help her any way she can. He even agrees to let Kate turn him into a vampire. She bites him and his eyes shift to a glowing colour, suggesting a rapid change.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c.


The Good Place S01E05 "Category 55 Doomsday Crisis" Recap

Eleanor allows someone else to go ahead while she is trying to decide what flavor of frozen yogurt she will order. The revelation that she is finally learning to be a more selfless and considerate person is too much. She runs home to tell Chidi the good news, but unfortunately forgets to get the frozen yogurt they were supposed to have. Roll opening credits.

Chidi continues to instruct Eleanor and Jason on ethics, transitioning his lessons into John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism. But Chidi begins to grow tired of all the lessons since he isn't able to spend his time on anything else.

Michael learns from Janet that the sinkhole is spreading. He is determined to protect the residents so he orders a quarantine. This forces Eleanor and Chidi to stay in close quarters and attempt to pretend that everything is fine while hosting a couple Michael dropped off. This new couple, Bart and Nina, were living next to the sinkhole so they need a place to stay until it is repaired.

Tahani manages to look into Michael's secret files which reveal that she has the second-lowest score of everyone in the neighborhood. She becomes determined to raise her score by doing extra activities to keep the other residents entertained while in quarantine but her score doesn't move. Further flashbacks into her life reveal that she spent her entire existence living in the shadow of her more accomplished and revered sister Kamilah, whom even her parents favored.

Eleanor and Chidi struggle to keep their relationships issues private while Bart and Nina are around. Eventually they are pushed into allowing Nina to perform relationship counseling and Chidi finally admits to Eleanor that he never had a real romantic relationship with a woman while he was alive. Now he is disappointed because he doesn't have a true soulmate as he thought he'd have. Eleanor decides to be a better friend to Chidi and arranges the exact leisure activities he had previously described wanting to take part in.

When Michael learns of Tahani's upsets over not having a higher score and status in the neighborhood ranking, he assures her that she has nothing to be ashamed of. By being in the Good Place, it shows that she lived a truly exceptional life.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E04 "Jason Mendoza" Recap

Jianyu reveals to Eleanor that his real name is Jason Mendoza. He is not a Taiwanese monk, but a Filipino American drug dealer / amateur DJ that lived in Jacksonville, Florida before he died. The vow of silence that his character is supposed to be under has allowed him to remain hidden but he decided to talk to Eleanor about the truth because she drunkenly revealed to him while drunk at the welcome party that she didn't really belong in the Good Place.

Tahani agrees to help Michael by planning a gala opening for Patricia's new restaurant. Tahani accidentally hears Jason say a short sentence after Chidi has already been brought into the know regarding Jianyu/Jason's true identity. They cover the truth of his identity to Tahani, who simply believes that Eleanor and Chidi are helping Jianyu to bring back his confidence to be able to speak.

Jason wants to be himself instead of continuing his facade as Jianyu. Eleanor and Chidi stress to him that he needs to keep himself hidden, particularly since exposing himself could also lead to Eleanor being discovered as well. Jason wants to reveal his truth at the gala / restaurant opening but before he can give his speech Eleanor decides to destroy the chef Patricia's elaborate three-tiered cake. As a result, a sinkhole opens up in the middle of the restaurant and everyone runs out to avoid falling in.

Some time later, Jason begrudgingly agrees to join Chidi's ethics class with Eleanor. However, he struggles to absorb the lessons as well as Eleanor does.

Despite Michael's claims that the sinkhole will simply close up within three days or so, but Tahani discovers that the sinkhole is actually growing in size.

In a series of flashbacks that show more of Jason's life while he was alive, it's revealed that Jason was once hired to pretend to be a famous EDM DJ when he required a stand-in. But since Jason wanted to be his own artist, he revealed himself and tried to perform his own music on stage and was consequently booed by the audience. He opens up to a close friend about how he wants to be appreciated for who he truly is, after which he vandalizes the DJ's boat with a molotov cocktail.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


Castle Rock S01E07 "The Queen" Recap

The episode opens with Ruth continuing the final scene from the previous episode. She is hiding in the storage shed, but then the scene shifts to other various expositional scenes from throughout the season and Ruth's life in general. Some scenes previously seen are re-told from her perspective, and in general we gain a greater insight into her character, especially past the disease with which she has been struggling.

Some other aspects that are presented are her life with Henry when he was just a child, as well as the introduction of the Kid and his return to her house from his previous stay in the psychiatric facility that is not burning down.

Ruth remembers how Matthew Deaver spoke of hearing "the voice of God" for the first time and the relationship she has with Alan Pangborn.

When she spoke with Wendell to explain her condition, she shares how the chess pieces she has act as totems so she can remember what's what as best she can while she struggles to maintain her cognitive stability. Wendell interprets her dementia using a VR game, saying the Ruth is a "timewalker" who must defeat her nemesis. This foe is Matthew Deaver, whom she sees in the Kid.

In the present, Ruth sends Wendell away for his own protection so she can confront her foe. Molly tries to call in and see if she can help. It's revealed that Ruth always knew that Molly killed Matthew and tells her she did the right thing. But Ruth won't let Molly in and decides she wants to defeat her nemesis, Matthew (whom she thinks the Kid is a resurrected version of him). He knows personal details about Ruth, including the song that played at her wedding with Matthew and the combination to the upstairs safe (it's her birthday).

The Kid makes dinner for Ruth and expresses concern about her wellbeing given her condition. He gives her a sedative so she can hopefully get some sleep and rest but she only pretends to do so. She asks the Kid to draw her a bath and uses the distraction to run off and find her revolver. She struggles to remember where she left the bullets but after various sequences of going through her memories she is able to remember that they are hidden in the suitcase buried outside.

Returning to the point of Ruth hiding in the shed, she is holding her loaded revolver and is prepared to shoot the Kid whenever he comes in. Instead, she ends up accidentally shooting and killing Alan Pangborn when he enters the shed.

Castle Rock premieres new episodes on Wednesdays on Hulu.


The Good Place S01E03 "Tahani Al-Jamil" Recap

Eleanor is suspicious of Tahani's seemingly nice demeanor and wonders if she was the one who wrote her the note. But after taking some time to get to know her, she begrudgingly accepts that Tahani is actually a nice person and tries to form an actual friendship with her. Tahani opens up about how she is saddened by Jinayu's vow of silence since she feels unable to properly connect with him while he is saying nothing.

Michael tries to help Chidi find a new hobby to take up in the afterlife but Chidi only wants to work on his ethics manuscript. Michael then admits that Chidi's book is difficult to read. Chidi is shocked and distraught since it's his life work, and accepts Michael's offer to be his advisor in rewriting it. All the while, Janet goes through a series of different personalities since Michael has been tinkering on her programming.

In a series of flashbacks, we see Eleanor's boyfriend Andy making a conscious effort to be good. However, Eleanor ultimately decides that trying to be good is pointless and far too much work to make happen when the world is full of so much bad.

Michael recruits Eleanor to help him determine the cause of things going wrong in the neighborhood. But before she can fully process the complications of this matter, she ends up meeting Jianyu that night. He breaks his vow of silence and speaks with an American accent, explaining that he was the one who wrote the note because he also doesn't belong in the Good Place either.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


The Good Place S01E02 "Flying" Recap

Eleanor begs Chidi to teach her how to be good so she can stay in the Good Place, but he is reluctant about the ethical implications of doing so. In the aftermath of the chaos seemingly triggered by Eleanor's misbehavior at the party the night before, Michael brings everyone together for a meeting. Gradually, things begin to return to normal. Eleanor hasn't been discovered, and Michael is overrun with guilt over his apparent failure in his first big project.

In flashbacks, Eleanor is revealed to have frequently scammed her way out of having to take her turn at being the designated driver when her batch of co-workers would go out for drinks.

Chidi introduces Immanuel Kant's Metaphysicals of Morals to Eleanor, pondering whether or not she can be taught to be good.

Michael tells the town that they'll be having flying lessons, something Eleanor is excited about. But once Tahani organises a clean up day, with all the volunteers who participate being ones that will miss out on flying, Chidi volunteers himself and Eleanor. It is an important opportunity for Eleanor to demonstrate her ability to be selfless. Eleanor cleans up for a while but decides to hide the remaining trash so she can still go flying, which ends up causing a trash storm to break out. Chidi then loses faith in Eleanor and refuses to help her anymore.

Later that night, Eleanor feels guilty over what she has done and decides to go out and continue cleaning up the neighborhood. Chidi discovers her doing so and agrees once more to teach her to be good. But shortly after, Eleanor receives a note under her door which warns her that she doesn't belong in the Good Place.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


Preacher S03E09 "Schwanzkopf" Recap

Jesse attacks the Allfather once more and shoots him more times but is unable to take him down. But then he injects him with the 'Tom Brady' concoction and sends Genesis into him which causes him to explode before Genesis returns back to Jesse's body.

Sydney is about to enter the bus to Hell with her captives when Tulip arrives and demands the return of her suitcase full of souls. However, when Eugene recognises her, Sydney orders Tulip onto the bus. Featherstone is then freed to leave with Jody and the suitcase.

Jesse fights with Starr and is finally able to get his soul fragment back, thus restoring his Genesis power to its former glory. Starr reveals that the Allfather has already triggered a plan to destroy the world and leave Humperdoo in charge. Jesse wants to kill Humperdoo but ultimately is unable to shoot him. Instead he opts to release all the remaining Humperdoo clones, which makes it impossible to identify the real one. He then sets off for Angelville. When Starr learns that Hoover has been turned into a vampire, he is furious at Jesse.

Cassidy refuses to comply with Eccarius' scheme to turn and kill the new vampire followers. Cassidy tries to convince the others to leave with him but Eccarius has already lied to them with claims that Cassidy killed Hoover. All the vampires turn against Cassidy and capture him, with plans to kill him by exposing him to the sun.

On the way to Hell, Tulip convinces the other passengers to try to escape with her but her plan to get out of the bus fails. But some time later, the bus is ambushed by Nazis due to Hitler's prior phone call on Featherstone's mobile.

T.C. informs Marie L'Angelle that Jesse hasn't returned yet. She replies that Jesse will be coming back to kill her.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


The Good Place S01E01 "Everything Is Fine" Recap

Eleanor Shellstrop wakes in the afterlife to learn that she died in a traumatic manner (which is why she doesn't remember it). She was run over by some shopping carts that threw her into the street where she was struck by a vehicle. She is met by the neighborhood architect Michael who shows her around the "Good Place", a utopian-like place that only the elite few that lived the most giving, spectacular lives that benefitted others are able to go. It is a highly competitive selection process involving point distribution for every good act and negative points for bad ones. Only a few people qualify for the Good Place, while everyone else is send to the Bad Place for an eternal life of torture.

Eleanor is shown to her new, modest home that is a cottage filled with clown art. There is a video system that allows her to review everything that happened in her life from her point of view. The memories are of a life as a lawyer fighting for human rights. Shortly after she meets her soulmate, as all residents of the Good Place are given a soulmate. His name is Chidi and he was a Senegalese ethics professor. She opens up to him about the fact that there has been a mistake and that none of the memories or life experiences she is being shown belong to her. In actuality she worked to sell fake medicinal pills to old people.

Eleanor and Chidi work to try to figure out how Eleanor ended up in the Good Place and on the way meet Janet, a robot assistant working for Michael that can answer any questions they have. She even plays a live audio sample of the Bad Place, which has the sounds of people screaming and being tortured. They also meet their neighbors Tahani and Jianyu who are each other's soulmates. Tahani was a wealthy philanthropist while Jianyu was a Buddhist monk who doesn't speak due to his taking a vow of silence.

Throughout the episode Eleanor is revealed to have been crass, selfish, and rude in her life. She implored Chidi to help her learn how to be a better person so she can stay in the Good Place. Chidi struggles with the ethical dilemma over whether to help Eleanor and lie, or to tell the truth and damn her to the Bad Place. Eleanor becomes increasingly agitated and gets drunk at a party hosted by Tahani and Jianyu.

The following morning, the Good Place is attacked by various representations of items from Eleanor's true life (as opposed to the false one that mistakenly got her to the Good Place) and her other misbehavior while in the Good Place.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


Wynonna Earp S03E05 "Jolene" Recap

The group has all been taken over by the influence of a demon named Jolene. Waverly and Wynonna head to the barn where they're tying up Mama, who begs them to listen. While Wynonna goes back inside, Waverly decides to listen to her for one minute. Mama claims that a demon was trying to torment Waverly ever since she was 6. Mama was trying to perform an exorcism when the barn caught fire. The demons has been bound to her and torturing her ever since. When Waverly came to visit Mama, she broke the demon's bond with her and Mama escaped to save Waverly from the demon.

Doc arrives at the homestead and finds that Wynonna has taken up stress-cleaning. The warden is on the way to pick up Mama but Wynonna still seems worried about the demon Mama was talking about. Jolene attempts to sway Wynonna's concerns by pointing out all the years Mama spent in a mental institute. When Doc begins to be skeptical towards Jolene's existence, she feeds him a snickerdoodle and he is won back over to her side. Jolene declares she will go out to be the look-out for the demon and then Doc tells Wynonna that when he listened to the tapes of Mama's therapy session, he could three voices. Two were of Mama and her counsellor but the third may very well be the demon. But only Mama could hear the demon. Doc is able to hear it too because he had gone to hell when he briefly died previously. He agrees that Waverly is in danger.

Back in the barn, Waverly and Mama discuss the demon. Waverly then recalls seeing something in the mirror when she was in kindergarten. The creature had many teeth, offering some sort of legitimacy to Mama's claims about the demon.

When the revenant that Wynonna had previously beheaded at the institute arrives, Jolene offers him pie and reveals all the indiscretions she witnesses from him while they were at the institute. She tells him he won't ruin things for her and rips out his tongue.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc are helping Mama prepare to go back to the institute. Waverly tries to explain the relationship between Wynonna and Doc. It's awkward. Wynonna retaliates by pointing out Waverly is dating a cop. Waverly shares that her name is Nicole and Mama says she's open to talking about her later if they survive what's coming after them.

Jolene enters the barn and Mama stops being suspicious of her once Jolene feeds her some baked goods. However, Mama is still determined to get the demon. She wants to perform a summoning ritual at the family greenhouse that will rebind the demon to her. Mama later confronts Doc and tells him not to come, saying he is only bringing Wynonna down. Doc agrees with her and leaves.

Waverly asks Mama about her real father once they reach the greenhouse. Mama shares that his name was Julian and they met when she escaped from the Earp Homestead.

Nicole pulls Jolene over on the road and Nicole doesn't seem to recognise her until she feeds her more baked goods. Jolene then announces that she needs to get to the Earps at the greenhouse. Nicole is surprised, having been left out of the planning regarding the greenhouse, a detail which Jolene uses to manipulate Nicole's emotions. Jolene then says she needs Waverly to finish plan since she can't physically harm Waverly herself. Nicole seems disoriented and doesn't fully absorb what Jolene is saying.

Back at the greenhouse, the Warden stumbles in but can't say anything because of his lack of a tongue. Wynonna, Waverly and Mama believe he is the demon they're after and believe their ordeal is finished after Wynonna kills him with Peacemaker. Waverly hears a voice calling her outside. It's Jolene and she's stuck in a trap that Mama set. Jolene pulls Waverly into the trap and Waverly is able to see Jolene's true form. Waverly screams for help and hits Jolene with the butt of her gun, which pushes Jolene out of the trap in the process. When Wynonna and Mama come out to see what the commotion is, they're appalled by what Waverly has done to Jolene.

Mama and Wynonna celebrate at the bar while Jolene serves more treats. Waverly arrives and attempts to apologise to Jolene. At the bar, Mama is confused about how a revenant could be in her head and physically trapped in the prison at the same time. Jolene tries to feed her a treat but Mama rejects it. Wynonna begins to be suspicious too that something is off. Jolene distracts their attentions by pointing out that Doc's wife is now living in the bar. Wynonna is shocked by this revelation and gets into a fight with Waverly because Jolene reveals that Waverly knew about this but didn't tell her.

Doc visits Bobo at the well and Bobo is still coherent. He wants to see Waverly and in exchange he will help Doc deal with Bulshar. Doc seems to agree to think about it.

When Doc is back at the bar, he and Wynonna get into an argument, as do Nicole and Waverly when she sees Nicole flirting with Jolene. The arguments spread until a full brawl breaks out. After things calm down, Wynonna and Mama are put into a holding cell at the police station till they can sober up. Jolene had dropped off some baked goods for them but they aren't given access to eat them.

Kate talks to Jolene at the bar and tells her she owes a debt of fealty to someone that is coming to collect. But Jolene is more confident than ever.

Doc finds Waverly crying and asks about Bulshar's ring. Waverly directs him to Nicole but he opts to ask her why she's upset first. Waverly wonders if all the ongoing conflicts are her fault and if she is the real demon. After Doc eats a cookie, he says the theory makes sense.

Jolene finds Nicole and tries to hit on her but Nicole rejects her advances. Jolene is furious and attacks Nicole, who finds Bulshar's ring. Jolene tries to pick it up but gets burned by it. She is horrified to learn that Bulshar has returned and throws Nicole into a closet before leaving.

Back at the station, Wynonna apologises to Mama for not believing her for all these years of her saying there was a demon on the loose. She admits to having done something similar to save her own daughter, a decision which Mama affirms. Mama and Wynonna both believe there is still a demon on the hunt for Waverly and shout at Sheriff Nedley to let them out. He arrives and they say that they need to stop the demon hunting Waverly and that only Jolene is protecting her. When Nedley doesn't know who Jolene is and asks them basic questions about her that they're unable to answer, they realise that Jolene is the demon.

Waverly returns to the greenhouse and is confronted by Jolene, who goads her towards attempting suicide. Jolene explains that they were born at precisely the same moment. As Waverly arrived out of the light, Jolene emerged from the dark which resulted in Jolene being shunned and alone. Now Waverly is her equal because no one loves her. But Waverly is able to fight through Jolene's manipulations, saying that Wynonna and Nicole love her no matter what, so she won't give up on them either. She fights Jolene, who claims that Waverly can't kill her without also killing herself. But right on cue, Waverly arrives with Peacemaker. She shoots Jolene, who runs off afterward. Mama then confronts Jolene and a tree begins to wrap its branches around her. Bulshar is collecting on his debt. Jolene desperately tries to claim that Waverly was supposed to be for him but he takes Jolene anyway.

Nicole and Waverly make up, while Doc goes into the woods with Bulshar's ring to taunt him, saying he won't be helping him with anything. Finally, Wynonna visits Bobo at the well. She announces that Waverly won't be going, and Bobo decides to reveal that Waverly's father was an actual angel from Heaven.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c.


"Crazy Rich Asians" Review

Though much of the chatter surrounding "Crazy Rich Asians" has stemmed from it being the first major studio film in Hollywood to star Asian-Americans in twenty-five years (the last one was "The Joy Luck Club"), the film offers far more than a tokened milestone.

"Crazy Rich Asians" stars Constance Wu as Rachel Chu and Henry Golding as Nick Young. Together they play a couple in love but with one major secret set to be revealed: Nick comes from a highly affluent Singaporean family. Rachel on the other hand grew up as Asian-American raised by a single mother, and became a successful economics professor. On the surface level, "Crazy Rich Asians" is impressive for achieving the aforementioned milestone, showcasing a lush and scenic production design (much of the film was shot in Singapore), and for the classy glamour of Hollywood stemming from the lush classical and jazz scoring.

But there are so many other nuances more deserving of celebration, in particularly that the primary focus throughout the film being on its female characters. Many Asian women have been forced to take a back seat to the men in our own cultures due to old-fashioned, traditional ideas about gender roles. In the darkest and most dangerous manifestations of it, violence and toxicity can poison relationships of all kinds. The most meaningful character arcs and journeys in this film show a diverse group of women all learning something about themselves and the people around them, being ultimately changed for the better.

Crazy Rich Asians is now playing in U.S. cinemas.


Castle Rock S01E06 "Filter" Recap

Henry's song Wendell comes to town to visit both his father and his grandmother. He resents Henry for not being around more but reacts positively to being with Ruth again. Henry later brings The Kid to a patient treatment facility where he will be looked after until he can feel secure enough to remember who he is and live on his own. But Henry doesn't know that The Kid has been speaking with Alan Pangborn in secret about plans to help restore Ruth's health. In an ominous display, a crow flying overhead drops dead and falls to the ground right as The Kid is arriving.

Henry begins to recover memories from the time he disappeared as a child. He visits Molly to try to sort through things and she shares how she was psychically connected to him when he went missing and that Henry was afraid and then relieved while he was missing. She goes on to share how she pulled out Henry's father's breathing tube after he was returned and that she did it because it was what Henry wanted. Henry is horrified by this revelation and leaves.

Further signs point to something evil within The Kid because there were wildfires that broke out once he was released from prison. Also, a radio news program states that a fire has broken out in the mental care facility leaving some patients dead and some dangerous ones to escape. Later, The Kid is shown to be returning to the Deaver home where Ruth has just spilled some of her medicine on the floor, while Alan is out robbing a junkyard to try to get an old truck back.

Henry goes out into the woods and meets Odin Branch, an old friend of his late father. Odin has an advanced degree in bioacoustics and psychoacoustics and is with his interpreter/protege Willie. Odin mostly speaks using sign language. Henry seems unsettled by the discussion of this topic but Odin goes on to share that some who are able to hear these signals will experience it like a ringing in the ear (which Henry has been experiencing lately). Henry ends up being locked in a room by Odin and has visions of his father asking him if he can "hear it now" and become increasingly overwhelmed by the frequencies he hears and the visions he has.

Alan returns home and finds The Kid bleeding heavily and muttering about vengeance on all who helped put him in a cage. Alan runs inside and finds the house in a state of disarray and bloody handprints on the walls.

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