Castle Rock S01E04 "The Box" Recap

The prosecutor visits The Kid and attempts to threaten him into speaking and giving up his name. Instead, The Kid speaks in cryptic phrases and backs the prosecutor out of his cell before shutting the door on himself, leaving the prosecutor frightened and unsettled.

Henry tells Alan that he intends to bring his mother with him out of Castle Rock and to a senior facility in Texas where she will be taken care of. Alan is angry about the idea of Henry taking Ruth out of her home. He tells Ruth about Henry's intentions to move her out of Castle Rock, sparking a fight later on when she confronts Henry on the matter.

Dennis remains determined to help The Kid get out of prison and tells Henry he intends to testify not only on the mistreatment of him specifically but the general misconduct of the prison/guards against the inmates. Late one night, Dennis begins to draw with a dry-erase marker on the screens of the security monitors in the control room during his shift.

Molly continues to rekindle her friendship with Henry while also working hard to sell more real estate. She attempts to incentivize a couple to buy a particular house by noting that the area is in development so the property value will rise after the work is finished.

Henry visits a house near where he was found and finds an elderly caretaker there, Joseph, whose brother Henry is familiar with due to his criminal record (insurance fraud). When Henry begins asking questions about a boy going missing, the man digs out an old box containing Henry's police file, which had been officially reported as destroyed.

Henry returns home to confront Alan about covering up Joseph's potential involvement. Alan reveals that the day before Henry's father died, he wrote out a message, "Henry did it" that prompted him to interfere with the investigation to prevent any law enforcement from charging Henry. Henry begins to question whether he really did do something to harm his father, and Molly overhears the conversation due to her psychic abilities. Henry visits her to express his self-doubts and that he never should have returned to Castle Rock. She assures him that whatever happened wasn't his fault, as he was just a kid, and invites him in to get some rest. Late that night, Henry calls Dennis to leave a voicemail saying that he can no longer help The Kid with his case and will need to leave town soon.

When Dennis gets the voicemail, he goes into the security room again and begins drawing X's on the various screens before checking out a gun. He then goes out into the prison and begins shooting various guards dead. Henry is waiting in a room where he is supposed to meet with his client to finalize the plea deal but instead is met by a delirious Dennis who again expresses his wish to testify before being shot dead by other law enforcement officers.

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