Castle Rock S01E05 "Harvest" Recap

Facing increasing pressures from the prison higher ups to make the catastrophic situation at Shawshank go away, warden Porter releases The Kid from prison. Henry meets him at the prison entrance and suggests that they reintroduce themselves to one another. The Kid still doesn't know who he is and Henry bring him to a medical facility who suggest that if the context of his life is restored, perhaps his memories will too. But since the medical facility won't look after him since that's not what their primary purpose is, Henry gets Molly to help him find a place for The Kid to stay until they can figure out what to do next. Later that night, The Kid sneaks into a family home where a young couple is celebrating one of their child's birthdays but after he spends some time hiding in the dark the happy festivities turn into angry fighting.

Alan Pangborn speaks at a ceremony to speak on his many years of service to the town but Ruth becomes distracted and disturbed by the sound of a dog barking. She then walks over to a nearby overpass and jumps off the edge into the water below, horrifying everyone present. Henry quickly jumps in after her. She is then taken to the hospital where she is saddened to have seemingly ruined the party and saying cryptic messages about how nothing stays dead in this town.

Molly's friend goes to check on The Kid and bring him some food. They go out to hang out but Molly is called when The Kid goes on to the roof and stands near the edge. Molly goes up to try to talk him down and The Kid thinks to himself that he shouldn't be here and that he belongs in the hole. Molly does her best to reach out to him due to her gifts. Molly eventually talks him down and gives him some Oxy to calm him. She then drives to Henry while The Kid sleeps it off in the car. She warns Henry that there is something wrong with The Kid. Hearing his frequency was like hearing everyone in the town's pain all at once. She shuts down Henry's doubts about her abilities by telling him many things about himself, including the ringing he's had in his ear, the guilt he feels about not being able to help his clients, as well as the feelings he has towards his own son. But when The Kid walks into the house, Henry offers him one of his own rooms to stay at.

After Molly leaves, Henry shows The Kid to a guest house on the property for him to stay in. There is a piano in the guest house, which The Kid begins to play. Henry assures him that more of his memories will begin to return. Later that night The Kid goes out into the woods and comes across a drunk Alan Pangborn in the woods. Their conversations reveals that Alan once came across the warden driving with The Kid in his trunk. He had let the warden go but Alan claims that The Kid is the devil and hasn't aged a day in twenty-seven years. Alan has tried his best to keep the people of the town safe but now is disillusioned about how things have turned out with his life and the woman he loves. The Kid offers to help Ruth and points out that Alan has no idea what's happening here.

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