Castle Rock S01E06 "Filter" Recap

Henry's song Wendell comes to town to visit both his father and his grandmother. He resents Henry for not being around more but reacts positively to being with Ruth again. Henry later brings The Kid to a patient treatment facility where he will be looked after until he can feel secure enough to remember who he is and live on his own. But Henry doesn't know that The Kid has been speaking with Alan Pangborn in secret about plans to help restore Ruth's health. In an ominous display, a crow flying overhead drops dead and falls to the ground right as The Kid is arriving.

Henry begins to recover memories from the time he disappeared as a child. He visits Molly to try to sort through things and she shares how she was psychically connected to him when he went missing and that Henry was afraid and then relieved while he was missing. She goes on to share how she pulled out Henry's father's breathing tube after he was returned and that she did it because it was what Henry wanted. Henry is horrified by this revelation and leaves.

Further signs point to something evil within The Kid because there were wildfires that broke out once he was released from prison. Also, a radio news program states that a fire has broken out in the mental care facility leaving some patients dead and some dangerous ones to escape. Later, The Kid is shown to be returning to the Deaver home where Ruth has just spilled some of her medicine on the floor, while Alan is out robbing a junkyard to try to get an old truck back.

Henry goes out into the woods and meets Odin Branch, an old friend of his late father. Odin has an advanced degree in bioacoustics and psychoacoustics and is with his interpreter/protege Willie. Odin mostly speaks using sign language. Henry seems unsettled by the discussion of this topic but Odin goes on to share that some who are able to hear these signals will experience it like a ringing in the ear (which Henry has been experiencing lately). Henry ends up being locked in a room by Odin and has visions of his father asking him if he can "hear it now" and become increasingly overwhelmed by the frequencies he hears and the visions he has.

Alan returns home and finds The Kid bleeding heavily and muttering about vengeance on all who helped put him in a cage. Alan runs inside and finds the house in a state of disarray and bloody handprints on the walls.

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