Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E07 "Lotus Eaters" Recap

Tandy recruits Tyrone to help her enter Ivan's mind in an effort to reach him and free him from his catatonic state. Upon getting inside, they discover he is living in a loop of the final moments leading up to the rig explosion. He is overjoyed to see them since they are something new to his loop, and that they  talk. He doesn't remember his name and seems surprised that they have any names. He also doesn't remember his daughter Mina.

Ivan doesn't have the initiative to try to break the loop but answers Tandy and Tyrone's questions about what transpires within the loop. He also has no sense of how long he has been in the loop. Ivan reveals that the other employees on the rig were infected by the mysterious energy that Roxxon was searching for. These employees take on the form of psychopathic killers in Ivan's mind.

Tandy is overcome with emotion upon learning that the phone ringing in each loop is her father calling Ivan, a phone call that she was present for in the real world that he made right before he crashed the car with her inside into the river. Tandy answers the phone on the next call and talks to this version of her father, saying that she misses him. Tyrone implores Tandy to not get distracted, saying they need to shut off the valves and evacuate everyone, according to Ivan's theory that the explosion can be stopped from the core but wasn't able to do it in real life nor in any of the loops he has lived through since. However, Tandy opts to speak to her father a few more times in the loops while Tyrone tries to complete the job himself.

Although Tyrone is initially successful at shutting off the valves by using his powers but it isn't effective since it's all just a part of Ivan's mind. Tyrone exits Ivan's mind, expecting Tandy to do the same. But when he reaches the real world, he finds that Tandy hasn't come with him. When he re-enters Ivan's mind, he discovers that Tandy has lost herself to Ivan's loop and her grief over her father. Tandy lashes out at Tyrone to try to make him leave her to the loop but Tyrone refuses to abandon her and finally manages to convince her that it's not really her father that is calling in the loop.

Tandy manages to break through to Ivan by making him remember Mina, which gets Ivan to work alongside Tandy and Tyrone to reach the core. Following this success, Ivan wakes from his catatonic state with no memory of Tandy or Tyrone being in his mind and is reunited with Mina.

Some time later, Tandy and Tyrone listen to a recording of Billy together.

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