Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E09 "Back Breaker" Recap

Tyrone and his parents are called into the police station where they are officially told that Connors has been arrested and suspended on suspicion of being Billy's killers but they don't display much of a reaction due to how drained they are after all the years of not having justice for Billy's death. Tyrone is upset that they don't have more of a reaction but Tyrone's father merely tells him they will talk about it later.

Tandy begins spiraling due to the revelation of her father being abusive. She begins working on her old businesses of robbing from wealthy marks. But this time she's not stealing monetary items, but their hopes instead. Stealing a person's hopes gives her a high.

Evita becomes concerned when her Aunt Chantelle returns home after wandering around drunk. Her aunt implores her to ask Tyrone if he has met the other half of his Divine Pairing, as she believes that they will need to be ready to stop a great threat coming (Roxxon's upcoming drilling).

Tyrone begins lashing out at school, getting into a fight with one of his classmates. When Father Delgado tries to talk to Tyrone to figure out how to get Tyrone back on track, Tyrone is able to get into his head. Father Delgado suffers from alcoholism and is afraid of this addiction leading to the death of a child, or possible already has harmed a children - the vision isn't clear enough to tell whether Tyrone is only seeing fear or if it's also a memory.

Tandy also begins to lash out, and even steals hope from Mina, who has been reconnecting to her father and even offers Tandy a job at Roxxon. She is reunited with Liam at the station, who is still hurt by Tandy abandoning him. She is prepared to steal hope from him too, but Tyrone stops her from doing so.

O'Reilly is also spiraling as she hasn't been able to get justice for the murdered Fuchs. She attacks Connors at a bar but he beats her viciously while their colleagues watch and do nothing to intervene.

Tandy goes to Tyrone's school to confront him for interfering with her attempts to steal hope but Evita intervenes to defend him. Tandy gets into her head but Evita pushes her out before she can steal her hopes too. Evita is able to determine that Tandy is the other half the Divine Pairing. Tandy tells Tyrone to steal out of her head but Tyrone says that he has no interest in being in hers at all since he is so wrapped up in his own family's traumas.

Mina discovers an energy leak and witnesses it explode out of a pipe and infect some Roxxon workers that chase after her in the woods.

When Tyrone gets home, his mother Adina expresses concerns over what she sees as recklessness on his part in trying to get justice for his brother. She reminds him of the racial inequalities that allow white men to get away with killing black people and assures him she only wants to protect him. The police then arrive, intent on arresting Tyrone who has been framed for Fuchs' murder. Adina instructs him to run away and sneak out before he can be caught.

Tandy learns that Liam has stolen all the money she received from Scarborough and is then confronted by Greg's killer, who holds Tandy's mother Melissa at gunpoint.

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