Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S01E10 "Colony Collapse" Recap

Tandy saves Melissa but Greg's killer manages to escape instead of being apprehended. Melissa doesn't understand what's happening or why Tandy needs to leave. But Tandy kisses her mother goodbye and heads out to save the rest of those in need.

Tyrone's father meets with him and tells Tyrone to go on the run and never make contact with him or his mother. Although Tyrone's father believes him and knows he is innocent, he wants Tyrone to be safe. He gives Tyrone his cloak which allows Tyrone to escape using his abilities, which Tyrone's father still doesn't know about.

Tandy heads to Mina's place where she uses her light dagger to stab one of the infected Roxxon workers that was trying to kill her. Tandy is horrified that everything is happening again like when her father died. Tandy runs up to Mina's place and saves Mina from one of the other infected Roxxon workers. Tandy tells Mina about how Scarborough falsified the reports and that everyone had turned psychotic eight years ago that were infected by the gas. Mina is horrified that her design has put even more people at risk, since there are eight more pipes with building pressure across the city. But first they need to get to Roxxon to see if there is a central valve that can shut them all off.

Tyrone hides in a crowded Mardi Gras parade but is nearly apprehended by cops. O'Reilly arrives and tries to help Tyrone escape but they are quickly surrounded by other cops. Tyrone won't use his powers with so many people around to watch him do so in daylight so both he and O'Reilly are arrested.

Evita tells her aunt about how she has discovered the other half of the Divine Pairing. Aunt Chantelle reminds her of her history to better understand how it is that they'll be able to save the city from the impending threat. She coaches Evita so that she will be able to help Tandy and Tyrone fulfill their destiny.

O'Reilly and Tyrone are placed in an unofficial holding cell. They deduce that the corrupt police intend to kill them instead of officially apprehending them. Tyrone struggles to summon his powers without his cloak to help him.

Tandy and Mina make it Roxxon where they confront Scarborough together. Tandy forces him to reveal the location of the core for the city-wide system Mina has designed. Tandy then enters his mind where all of his hopes are. She then removes enough of his hopes to reduce him to a trapped state much like Ivan was in for the past eight years. But as they are leaving, they are attacked by Grey's killer. However, she is then attacked by an an infected person. More and more infected begin to swarm and they retreat into a warehouse but Mina ends up being infected, leaving Tandy vulnerable.

Tyrone and O'Reilly are somewhat spared from the corrupt cops intending to kill them, due to the infection spreading to the precinct. The various officers begin to fight one another instead. Tyrone is able to retrieve his cloak and use it to teleport to Tandy in time to save her from an infected Mina, leaving O'Reilly to fight off various infected folks.

Evita arrives and informs Tandy and Tyrone of their fate as the Divine Pairing. Tyrone then tells Tandy he is concerned he won't be able to use his powers because his cloak was ruined during the fighting at the police station. But she returns his hoodie to him that she had kept after the accident eight years ago. The hoodie was one that belonged to Billy, and Tyrone feels his confidence to use his abilities is renewed, and joins Tandy to set off for the core.

O'Reilly attempts to get to a valve but is confronted by Connors who shoots her. Her body is exposed to some energy from the core in the process, and Connors pushes her seemingly dead body into the ocean. Connors then confronts Tandy and Tyrone outside the building containing the central core. Tyrone tells Connors he isn't afraid of him anymore and teleports Connors to the top of a building. Tyrone releases him without dumping him over the edge, after which Connors tries to draw his gun to kill Tyrone. But the Darkforce shoots out of Tyrone's hoodie and absorbs Connors, much to Tyrone's shock since this is something in his ability he never knew about.

Tyrone tells Tandy he needs to die in order for them to save the city and teleports inside without her to try to shut off the valve and sacrifice himself, believing this is how they will fulfill their destiny as the Divine Pairing. But Tandy forces her way into the building and helps Tyrone by combining their abilities to absorb the leaking energy, which they then shoot up into the sky so it will no longer infect the city.

After this, all the infected are cured and Roxxon is rightfully blamed for what has happened. Tandy decides to move back in with Melissa while Tyrone moves into the church that Tandy used to live in, since he is still wanted for the murder of Fuchs. O'reilly is believed by everyone to be dead but she later emerges from the water due to her exposure to the darkforce matter before Connors had dumped her body.

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger will return for season 2 on Freeform.


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