Marvel's Luke Cage S02E03 "Wig Out" Recap

Luke learns that Cockroach has ben severely beating his partner and son, so he goes to his apartment and beat him up himself. He calls Claire to give medical treatment to everyone present, but she is also horrified at Luke's brutality. Claire calls Misty to the scene, and she has Luke walk her through what happened. She scolds Luke for his actions, pointing out that other law enforcement officers are determined to put a stop to his vigilante brand of heroism and stunts like these don't help his cause. Misty allows him to leave the scene quickly before her rival detective Nadi Tyler and Tyler's partner Mark Bailey arrive.

Mariah has dinner with her daughter Tilda as the two begin to mend their relationship. But while the pair are having dinner, Shades arrives with news for Mariah. Luke Cage got to Cockroach, who's ben hospitalized. Now the Yardies are the only ones left to buy Mariah's business.

Misty is reprimanded by her superior for allowing Luke to leave after he injured Cockroach. However, she is also told that she can't be suspended for it because she has high status in the department due to being a hero that lost her arm on the job. Misty then approaches Colleen Wing and the two practice fighting and training so Misty can learn how to re-develop these skills with only one arm but also to let off some steam for all the stress she has been under. After the training session, the pair go out to a bar but a man tries to attack Misty after his failed attempts to hit on them. Misty fights most of them off with Colleen providing a bit of back-up, leaving Misty to get more of her confidence back.

Shades goes off in search of Garrison and finds Bushmaster instead, who agrees to pay Mariah to buy up her business. But Luke later arrives in search of Garrison and fights off numerous gang members and the various weapons they attempt and fail to use against him. Unbeknownst to Luke, Bushmaster secretly films this encounter and plays it while he trains.

Claire secretly meets with Lucas to seek guidance about how to best help Luke. But when she later confronts him about this topic he lashes out at her and she asks him to leave, putting their relationship on hold for the time being. While Luke is out walking the streets after this fight, he runs into Bushmaster, who punches him in the face and tells Luke that Harlem belongs to him.

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