Marvel's Luke Cage S02E05 "All Souled Out" Recap

Cockroach sues Luke for assaulting him. Foggy works as Luke's lawyer and tells him that it's too risky for him to go to court because of how easy the prosecution will be able to make him look bad because of his physical invulnerability and the fact that he once served time in prison, regardless of being exonerated. Luke has to either pay Cockroach $100,000 or have the case go to court. Luke has 72 hours to decide and eventually opts to pay the money though he struggles initially to find a source of income.

Mariah uses her new "legitimate" fortune top open a Family First center in Harlem. Before revealing it to the press and public, she shows it to her daughter Tilda, in the hopes that they will run it together. Tilda is weary of it due to their family fortune coming from one of their female ancestors trafficking and exploiting women but Mariah tells her off, saying that jazz was also founded on the same shady foundation.

Misty gets hew new robotic arm installed, courtesy of Colleen Wing and Danny Rand. It's a gradual process for the technology to learn and connect to her nerve endings.

Shades becomes alarmed by Bushmaster's threat against Mariah as well as the fact that his employee Ray Ray has gone missing. He wants Mariah to leave town for her own safety but she is determined to stay for the opening of her new Family First center. Shades wants to buy Mariah's club from her since it is the last thing that connects her to the crime life but she rejects his offer, for the time being. Shades plans on going to a party being thrown by Raymond "Piranha" Jones' party that he's throwing. Mariah also tells Shades about the police questioning her about Mike Higgins, who has gone missing. Piranha had used his money from Mariah's sale to invest in Higgins' plastics company. Mariah had blackmailed Higgins into agreeing to a corporate merge that increased the profits of her new shares significantly and disappeared after.

Misty visits Cockroach to try to threaten him into dropping the lawsuit against Luke but opts to not use her strength or resources against him, out of concerns of worsening the situation.

Foggy gets Luke a job to make an appearance at Piranha's party so that he can use the money to pay off Cockroach. Piranha is a big fan of Luke Cage, and even has a wall of memorabilia on his office wall. Luke finds the memorabilia to be creepy but is willing to take the job because of his limited options to make so much money that quickly.

Shades orders Comanche to find Ray Ray.

Misty contemplates over Cockroach's previous release and whether it's possible that Scarfe had planted the gun that sent him to prison. Misty is wracked with guilt over the possibility that innocent men were sent to prison while she was partnered with Scarfe but she is advised to just keep working and to put forth true justice.

Foggy accompanies Luke to Piranha's party where Ghostface Killah is performing. Luke is uncomfortable with being gawked at like a zoo animal or museum exhibit. But he deals with the situation as best he can in order to get his paycheck.

Misty visits Cockroach's girlfriend who is seeking medical help for yet another beating she received from him. Misty implores her to think of both her and her child's well-being but Cockroach's girlfriend makes it clear that the reason why she's not talking isn't just because she's afraid of him but that she doesn't trust the police's competence to put him away and keep him behind bars since he already got out once.

Tilda tells Mariah she won't be coming to the opening of the center because she witnessed Mariah lying to the police. She tells Mariah to tell her the whole truth or else she will end their reconciliation. She shares how she blackmailed Higgins into taking the plastics deal which Mariah then used to fund the center. Tilda leaves to contemplate what she has learned about her mother and their family history.

Luke saves Piranha from an attempted kidnapping by some of Piranha's men that have infiltrated the party.

Misty considers framing Cockroach in order to put him away again, for good. However, when she gets to his apartment she discovers his beheaded body. His severed head is discovered at the opening of Mariah's Family First center, along with the heads of Higgins and Ray Ray.

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