Marvel's Luke Cage S02E06 "The Basement" Recap

Luke continues to fight off the men attacking him in search of Piranha, whom Luke reluctantly continues to protect despite his misbehavior during the party. But after fighting off the men he considers taking Piranha to the police despite his offers to pay Luke as a "hero for hire." The pair have a conversation about their respective fathers, after which Luke decides to take Piranha to Lucas's church to stay hidden and protected.

Mariah is still in police custody after the discovery of heads of three murdered victims were discovered at her center. She is questioned but refuses to cooperate despite her shared history with Ridenhour.

Shades and Comanche continue to search for Piranha but are unable to locate him or Luke. While on their journey, they reminisce about their time spent together in prison. Comanche tells Shade that he should get rid of Mariah and claim Harlem for himself, as the new supreme criminal overlord.

Misty confesses to Ridenhour about her considering framing Cockroach before he was murdered but he doesn't discipline her. AS she is still wracked with guilt, she decides to resign from her job.

Shades is reunited with Mariah after she gets out of holding. He tells her about the intel he has gathered from following Bushmaster to the restaurant where his friends work. She forms plans of what they will do to Bushmaster's acquaintances after they have found Piranha, whom they need because he has control over their money.

Luke decides to call Bushmaster directly and arranges a meeting so they can fight, which is something that Bushmaster wants. When they meet and fight, they both exchange serious blows but the confrontation ends with Luke getting paralysed by a holistic substance Bushmaster has concocted. He then kicks Luke into a river and leaves him to drown.

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