Marvel's Luke Cage S02E07 "On and On" Recap

Luke's paralysis wears off just in time so he is ablate swim back to the surface and survive his encounter with Bushmaster. He returns to the church only to find that Piranha is missing.

Ridenhour visiting Misty and tries to convince her to return to the station and take her job back. He also shares that he has a secret informant that is reporting back on what Mariah is up to. But Misty doesn't accept the offer, opting instead to work with Luke to find where Piranha has disappeared to.

Mariah has determined that Ridenhour has someone reporting back to him and begins to terrorize her men in an effort to find who it is. But Shades reassures her, aiming to keep her grounded and smart about the moves she makes.

Bushmaster is revealed to have been the one to take Piranha captive. He forces Piranha to take all of Mariah's money and other assets, after which he kills Piranha. Luke and Misty find the body some time afterward.

Ridenhour meets with Comanche who is starting to crack and unravel under the pressures of acting as a secret informant against Mariah. What he doesn't know is that Shades has followed him to this meeting. Although Comanche kills Ridehour, Shades retaliates against his betrayal by shooting him too and arranging the scene to seem as if Ridenhour was the one to kill him.

Mariah discovers that Bushmaster has stolen all her resources so she tries to go into hiding with her daughter Tilda, but the pair are caught by Bushmaster himself who leaves them to die in a burning house. All of the moves he has been making against them has been from a place of seeking vengeance for the death of his mother, who was burned alive by the Stokes family. Bushmaster declares the Stokes family's nightclub Harlem's Paradise as his own, while Luke manages to save Mariah and Tilda just in time.

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