Marvel's Luke Cage S02E08 "If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right" Recap

Shades quietly mourns Comanche, whom he still felt emotionally connected to despite his betrayal that lead to Shades killing him.

Luke brings Mariah and Tilda to the police precinct for them to be protected. Tilda wants to leave but Mariah forces her to stay put. They all learn that Misty has now been put in charge of the station, as her previous resignation had never been fully processed. Shades gets called in after visiting Comanche's mother, whom he has known since he was a boy and intends to take care of so she will be looked after and provided for.

At the station, Misty is working on the investigation into the deaths of Comanche and Ridenhour, believing them to be connected. She suspects that Mariah was involved andmore specifically, that Shades was the one to do the killing but she lacks any evidence to prove this.

Bushmaster learns that Luke is still alive and saved Mariah from burning to death. He is furious and decides to use more nightshade to increase his strength, while also sending his men to shoot up the precinct to try to kill Mariah and Tilda again.

Mariah is being questioned by Misty while Luke is trying to get information from Tilda, having agreed to help Misty with her investigation. Tilda tells him about the things Bushmaster said about wanting to avenge his family by taking action against Mariah. Meanwhile, Mariah is shocked to learn of Ridenhour's death but is forced to play coy when she learns that Comanche was also killed and is able to suspect that Shades was involved. Shades arrives with a lawyer to get Mariah released but is forced to stay put and be questioned since his license plates were caught on camera close to the crime when it took place. Shades' lawyer ends up abandoning him and despite being questioned without legal support, there still isn't enough evidence to charge him. He is released from custody.

Bushmaster's men shoot at Mariah and Tilda outside the precinct but Luke helps them to get away. Shades gets in a fight with Mariah because now that she has lost everything she is blaming Shades out of fear and desperation.

Misty uses the attack on the precinct as a way to get a search warrant for Harlem's Paradise but isn't able to find anything incriminating against Bushmaster, who has hired Mariah's old family lawyer out from under her (since she can no longer afford to keep him hired).

Luke is worried that Bushmaster will go after his loved one so he attends a service at the church where his father works, and saves him when Bushmaster's men arrive to launch an attack.

Mariah and Tilda have a breakthrough in their relationship when Mariah shares how she had been forced to give her up to her cousins, the Johnsons, under the orders of Mama Mabel. They are attacked shortly thereafter but Misty and Tyler arrive to protect them. Not longer after, Luke and Lucas also show up, and Luke decides to call Danny Rand for help with the situation.

Marvel's Luke Cage is available for streaming on Netflix.


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