Marvel's Luke Cage S02E09 "For Pete's Sake" Recap

Misty and Luke bring Lucas, Mariah, and Tilda to an unfinished building owned by Rand Enterprises after calling Danny for help. Mariah agrees to testify against Bushmaster in exchange for immunity. Misty and Luke aren't fond of the idea of letting Mariah get away with her crimes but for the time being they see her as the lesser of two evils.

Bushmaster tears up Tilda's shop in search of some nightshade but she has taken away the entire supply.

Misty returns to the precinct to begin making arrangements and finds that Deputy Chief Priscilla Ridley is now in charge there. Ridley draws up the agreement for Mariah to get immunity and testify against Bushmaster.

Luke speaks with his father and the two talk about how Luke needs to heal himself in order to be able to truly help others. He also learns from his father that Tilda used nightshade to patch up some of his wounds. Luke then decides to talk more to Tilda about the medicinal ways that she uses herbal remedies and learns what she knows about nightshade and how she feels guilty for inadvertently turning Bushmaster into the powerful being that he now is. In exchange she wants to know the truth about her mother.

Meanwhile, Bushmaster is ignoring warnings about the misuse/overuse of nightshade. He is also putting a large bounty out on Mariah and Tilda.

Luke tells Tilda about how Mariah murdered her cousin Cornell Stokes. When Tilda confronts her about this, Mariah admits to it and goes on to share how Stokes was taunting her about being raped as a young girl by their Uncle Pete. This was how Tilda was conceived and why Mariah has stayed so distant from her and outright admits to not loving her for this reason.

Detective Tyler decides to claim Bushmaster's large bounty by revealing Mariah's location. The police try to arrest Bushmaster but he isn't at the club. Instead he and his men arrive at the building where Mariah is hiding out with Misty and Luke. A fight breaks out, with Luke taking on Bushmaster once again and this time he is able to win. Mariah escapes and reuniteds with Shades, who reveals he has captured Bushmaster's uncle Paul "Anansi" MacIntosh whom he intends to ransom back to Bushmaster.

But Bushmaster is also able to escape from Luke by setting off a grenade and capturing Tilda to force her to heal his injuries.

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