Marvel's Luke Cage S02E10 "The Main Ingredient" Recap

Luke faces complaints from the locals who are all pushing him to hurry up and get rid of Bushmaster. Danny arrives after being visited by Claire and insists on helping him find Bushmaster. Luke is reluctant to accept the help, as Danny is more so responsible for defending Manhattan. But eventually he decides to accept the help.

Mariah's former lawyer returns to her and gifts her back her money and other assets due to Piranha being torture before giving over her belongings. Therefore the transaction was not legally binding so she can reclaim Harlem's Paradise.

Danny has Luke rehash the details of his fight with Bushmaster. Considering that Bushmaster bled in their last fight, whereas Luke doesn't bleed, they determine that he would've needed to seek medical attention. They go in search of Tilda but don't find her at her shop or at Harlem's Paradise. It becomes clear to them that Bushmaster has taken her. They also read through some of Tilda's books and learn that nightshade is highly toxic and the more it is used, the less effective it becomes.

Misty and Ridley are able to learn of Tyler's betrayal and involvement with Bushmaster due to the cover installation of a tracker to monitor which key cards are accessed to enter the surveillance room of the interrogation room. Tyler had entered the room when Misty was drawing up the deal for Mariah. They enlist the help of her partner with the investigation so they can either arrest her or clear her name. Once they determine that she was dirty they track her down at an air field where she is tryin to escape. She attempts to attack Misty but gets a beat down instead.

Luke and Danny visit Turk Barrett to muscle a lead out of him to find Bushmaster. Using his information they head to a supposedly abandoned warehouse where Bushmaster has forced various Jamaicans to grow more nightshade for him, as they need to recreate the conditions of Jamaica for it to be successful. Luke and Danny fight off the various men there but Bushmaster and Tilda are nowhere to be found. At another loss for the time being, the decide to destroy the lab.

Mariah embraces her Stoke heritage and her return to being a criminal overlord. To retaliate against Bushmaster, she orders everyone at the Jamaican restaurant to be murdered, though one of her men walks away from the mission before it is completed since he doesn't feel right about it. Her other henchman doesn't shoot him, though. Mariah also burns Anansi alive to strike an even lower blow to him. Shades appears unsettled by this darker turn.

Marvel's Luke Cage is available for streaming on Netflix.


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