Marvel's Luke Cage S02E12 "Can't Front On Me" Recap

Luke learns of a new strand of heroin that is causing dangerous, erratic behaviour in New York. He decides to search for the source of it, while Mariah is busy taking over a coalition of high-ranking gang leaders in New York so they can go after Bushmaster.

Misty is at the police station working out a strategy to use Shades to go after Mariah, while Bushmaster is also investigating the new heroin supply. He is furious because this new heroin supply is being distributed with his name. He goes after a distribution center not knowing that he was lured there as part of a larger plan orchestrated by Mariah. The men attack him with assault rifles but Luke arrives and protects him. The pair attack the refinery together but Luke warns Bushmaster that he is not to kill anyone. Bushmaster later runs away after Luke refuses to let him destroy the evidence of the drugs, since Luke believes it will be necessary to take Mariah down.

Luke visits Mariah and the two share a drink while Luke warns her that he will no longer be protecting her in her fight against Bushmaster.

Shades confesses everything he knows and has done to Misty and the other police but is reluctant to go get the gun that he used to kill Anansi. It will be the proof they need to show that Mariah owns it. Shades is only willing to go this extra mile after Anansi's mother confronts him for overhearing that he killed her son.

Mariah has announced that she will hold a free concert at Harlem's Paradise to ensure that there will be many people present. She knows that Bushmaster will be coming after her and that Luke will not want to risk the lives of the innocents in the building. Shades visits her during the concert, hoping to find an opportunity to get the gun back. Bushmaster has secretly been visited by Tilda, who wants to help him in his quest to kill Mariah. She tells him about a secret back entrance to the club and before he goes into the building, she gifts him with an extra bit of nightshade to boost his strength again.

When Bushmaster launches his attack, Shades is with Mariah. Misty is on the scene and works with Luke to stop Bushmaster but he is able to get away when Luke refuses to kill him. Still, Misty is able to arrest Mariah.

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