Preacher S03E04 "The Tombs" Recap

The Saint of Killers is back in Hell. He is brought to Satan's office where the devil has one of his assistants whip the Saint as punishment for breaking out in the first place.

Tulip takes Madame Boyd hostage, intent on forcing her to reveal how to break Grandma L'Angelle's spell to free Jesse from it.

In a series of flashback, a teenage Jesse is shown to be working with T.C. in the Tombs where fights are being held. T.C. warns Jesse that he needs to keep his romances secret from his grandmother. Jesse is seeing Madame Boyd and the two are in love, but he cruelly lashes out and dumps her in an effort to protect her. Later on her brother comes to the Tombs to confront Jesse about hurting her brother, and Jesse accidentally kills him. Madame Boys still holds a grudge against him for breaking her heart twice.

In the present day, Cassidy wins the fight he is put in. But before he can be made to fight again, Jesse dismembers him and tries to ship him away in a parcel so he won't be trapped in a life of perpetual fighting. But after Jesse leaves, Cassidy escapes from his box before it can be shipped off.

Tulip learns about Madame Boyd's history with Jesse while driving her around.

Jesse addresses the crowd in the Tombs and claims that since Cassidy has 'escaped', God is missing so the Tombs will be closed again. But Cassidy emerges prepared to fight, and insists on his next fight being with Jesse. Tulip arrives right as Jesse stabs Cassidy to make him stop fighting. After the fight breaks up and the crowd leaves the Tombs, Jesse and Tulip reconcile. Tulip also meets up with Cassidy and puts him on a bus to New Orleans, telling him that she does not love him.

The following morning Tulip learns from Madame Boys, who she's kept in the trunk of her car, that she must kill Grandma L'Angelle to break the compact.

In Hell, Satan releases the Saint from his punishment and gives him an assignment to bring in two people alive that are threatening his expansion plans and his reward will be to kill any and all preachers he wants.

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