Preacher S03E05 "The Coffin" Recap

Tulip can't bring herself to shoot Jesse's grandmother dead in her sleep and decides to ask Jesse outright whether killing her is an option to get him free. But they can't discuss the matter at hand because T.C. and Jody discover that Cassidy is gone. They confront Jesse and Tulip and a full-on brawl breaks out between the foursome. Eventually Jesse and Tulip are overtaken, with Jesse being locked in a coffin which is then submerged in a pond.

Herr starr is overseeing the preparations for Humperdoo to be revealed to the public as Messiah. It's going about as well as expected. Though Herr Starr feels there is a long way to go, his box, the Allfather, orders Starr to hurry up and finish the preparations because the people need their Messiah. The only semi-impressive skill that the Humperdoo has developed is the ability to tap-dance. But Lara Featherstone approaches Starr to offer a suggestion on how to force Jesse into rejoining the Grail by using Cassidy.

Cassidy has made it to New Orleans where he attempts to set up a new life and meet other vampires. He meets a girl whom he believes is another vampire but just as the two are about to have sex she reveals herself to just be a human into vampire roleplaying with no idea that vampires actually exist. Jesse on the other hand, is struggling mentally to deal with being trapped in the coffin. His repeated banging on the coffin eventually causes a slow leak. Jesse also begins to hallucinate, delirious from the extensive stay in the coffin.

Tulip and Jesse both work to escape their captive states. While Jesse uses cigarettes to explode himself out of his coffin, Tulip has broken free from Jody's captivity. Grandma L'Angelle had intended to eat Tulip's soul in order to revive herself but Tulip attacks her first. Tulip demands that she free Jesse from the spell and strangles her to death when he refuses. However, Tulip falls dead afterwards because her life was linked to Grandma L'Angelle.

The Grail use a drunk Cassidy for a staged video which they intend to use to trick Jesse into believing Cassidy is begging to be rescued from their captivity. But their filming session is interrupted by an unknown attacker breaking into the home where they are working.

Jesse arrives just in time to resuscitate L'Angelle which in turn revives Tulip as well. Jesse tells Tulip how Madame Boyd had tricked her into killing L'Angelle because it would kill her too. But once T.C. shares that L'Angelle needs to consume a soul in order to properly recuperate, another fight breaks out.

Cassidy wakes and finds himself in the presence of the Children of Blood.

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