Preacher S03E06 "Les Enfants du Sang" Recap

Following Eugene's return to earth after his extended stay in hell, he learns of Annville's destruction both in regards to the city itself as well as the residents of it. Being that he is still underage, he is sent to an orphanage but is quickly found by the Saint of Killers. The Saint takes him away, intending to send him back to hell after they make one more stop.

As Cassidy gets to know the cult that has snatched him up, the Children of Blood, he meets the leader of the group. Eccarius is a real vampire and proves as much when he swallows a large animal whole. He has more supernatural powers than Cassidy, who is left in a precarious position of not knowing how best to make his escape.

Jesse scrambles to try to find a way to save Tulip's life, as it is connected to his ailing grandmother. One of Madame Boyd's associates spies on them as they pretend to bury Tulip's body, and reports back to her that grandma and Tulip are dead (not knowing they're still alive). Jesse and Tulip work together to rob a bank that holds Madame Boyd's storage in a security deposit box. Inside is a supply of souls.

Eccarius is shown to be feeding on the blood of his human disciples and reveals to Cassidy that he wants him to join him as a companion. Cassidy is disgusted by Eccarius' ways and leaves the cult's compound. He and Tulip talk on the phone and she encourages him to stay strong until she and Jesse can escape and they can all be reunited to go on adventures together again. But Cassidy turns her down, likely not wanting to put himself through the pain of being around a woman he loves that doesn't reciprocate his feelings, and tells her he has no intention of reuniting with them. After this, he decides to return to Eccarius and his cult so he won't have to be alone.

All of the souls from Madame Boy's box are fed to Grandma but it isn't quite enough. Jody opts to kidnap Madame Boyd herself and Grandma consumes her soul too. After this Jesse shoots her in the head to prevent her from having to live life without a soul, particularly since she would've been sent to fight in the Tombs. Jesse assures his grandmother he will pay off his debt to her and decides to call the Grail.

Herr Starr is getting set up in his New Orleans office when he receives a surprise visit from the Allfather, who shares plans that are to destroy the world via a nuclear apocalypse. This is all intended to be a preparation for the second coming of the Messiah. Finally, he expresses a desire to discuss Jesse Custer.

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