Preacher S03E07 "Hitler" Recap

Hitler has taken up a new life in the real world of making sandwiches at a diner using the alias "Davi Hitler" and does well enough in this life to earn employee of the month. It doesn't take long for him to being spouting antisemitic rhetoric and forming a new 'four-year-plan' to take over the world again. But his scheming is interrupted by the arrival of the Saint of Killers who has Eugene captive. The Saint also puts Hitler in chains, and takes off with the two hostages the devil assigned him to acquire.

Jesse and Tulip hold a ceremony to ritualistically burn Madame Boyd's body as part of her funeral but the mourning is interrupted by the arrival of the Grail. Herr Starr heads the negotiations to get Jesse released from Angelville and in exchange, Grandma wants more souls to feed on. Starr agrees to get her more souls by acquiring them from the Japanese soul dealing company based in Osaka. As the Grail owns this company, Starr can ensure that the souls will be given to Grandma but only if Jesse is released immediately. Grandma agrees but threatens to kills Jesse if Starr doesn't hold up his end of the deal and get her those souls. Since Jesse doesn't want to risk his well-being, he tells Tulip to go with Lara Featherstone undercover to Osaka to retrieve the souls. Before Tulip leaves, she asks Jesse to check in on Cassidy and make sure he's doing okay. Jesse's larger plan is to kill his grandmother as soon as he gets his powers back.

Cassidy has continued to befriend Eccarius and participates in his ongoing scheme as the leader of the Children of Blood. In a ritual, Cassidy bites a willing disciple so she will be transformed into a vampire. Furthermore, Cassidy gets to experience of the joys of Eccarius flying him over the city with his powers and summoning beautiful women with a simple but powerful stare. The pair are later attacked by some priest assassins hired by the Grail to kill Eccarius and arrest Cassidy. But Cassidy is able to beat them, not knowing that Eccarius has been murdering each of his disciples after they are turned into vampires. Starr orders others to continue hunting for Cassidy.

Back in Angelville, T.C. enquires about Genesis to Grandma, tipping her off to the existence of these abilities.

Starr and Jesse head to New Orleans and on the way, Starr asks Jesse to promise not to use Genesis on him after his powers are restored and Jesse agrees. Starr then demands that Jesse kill "him" and in exchange his soul fragment will be returned to him. Starr also takes Jesse to meet the Allfather, just as he was instructed to do.

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