WB Unveils New "Aquaman" Trailer at Comic Con

True to form, the biggest and most exciting debuts of Comic Con came on Saturday, this year from Warner Bros. and the DCEU. Three films were in attendance, Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman, the last of which had only been filming for two weeks and thus didn't have a trailer to premiere. But as Aquaman is set to be released first out of the three, and Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry has already debuted in prior DCEU films, it's no surprise that Jason Momoa was the biggest rockstar of the entire convention.

The new Aquaman trailer offers a deeper glimpse into Arthur Curry's origins, from his mixed-race, mixed-species (human/Atlantean) parentage, to the manifestation of his powers, and the conflict that will facilitate our hero's journey. Perhaps even more impressive are the stunning visual design and special effects which are highlighted. There's just enough to showcase how stunning the world-building is, but not so much that we feel spoiled on all the intricacies and nuances of who these characters are and how they will develop throughout this story.

Watch the "Aquaman" trailer here:


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