Wynonna Earp S03E01 "Blood Red And Going Down" Recap

When last we saw Wynonna and the rest of her squad, they had defeated the Widows but now have the threat of their dead husband Clootie (now known as Bulshar) to deal with. Wynonna and Doc's baby was given up for adoption, and the now mortal Doc threw Bobo down the well where he himself had once been trapped. Wynonna also visited her mother... whom we never got to see in person (yet).

Four months later, Wynonna is coping as best as she can with the trauma of having and losing her baby. She's drunk on a mission to lure some demons out and it works. Pregnancy hasn't impeded her ability to shoot these demons dead. Plus she still has the team to help her out, with Dolls backing her up in the fight, Waverly and Nicole acting as sniper coverage from the roof, and Doc and Jeremy also providing support.

The following morning, a bus full of vampires arrives in search of the Ghost River triangle. They use some sort of magical ability to charm Sheriff Nedley into inviting them into town. These vampires are part of a group known as the Cult of Bulshar, whom Nicole identifies after they leave a bunch of dead bodies in a particular pattern. Black Badge has been tracking this group since the 1920s. But Waverly and Nicole are quickly charmed into the vampire's side by one of the members called Petra.

Wynonna and Doc have been on the outs since the baby came and went. The only time Doc is wiling to talk to her is when they're training, which Wynonna has been doing in excess. But Wynonna has bigger fish to fry, as she witnesses a man smear blood on a flyer in the club where she's investigating. Wynonna snatches up that flyer and bring it to her mother, who is now in prison. Mama isn't willing to say much but Wynonna forces her to open up by talking about the Cult of Bulshar. Mama admits that she hears a voice that speaks to her about Bulshar. But once Wynonna talks about her intention to end the Earp curse, Mama becomes panicked and walks off screaming to no one in particular that her daughters are off-limits.

Back at Doc's bar, a purple fog engulfs those inside, including Doc and Jeremy. While Jeremy quickly succumbs to the hex of being enchanted by the vampires, Doc is taken captive. Doc wakes tied up to a stripper pole and a vampire tells him that they want to turn him into one of them, since Doc Holliday is a legend. But first they need proof that he really is Doc Holliday. Once this vampire begins torturing, Doc determines that he knew this woman from when he was a human.

Wynonna returns home and finds a vampire in the barn, whom she kills. When she goes inside and Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy learn what she has done they knock her out, and deliver her to the other vampires in a coffin. The trio then attend a glamorous party where all the humans in attendance are set to either be eaten or turned.

Dolls breaks into the basement of the party venue and is able to free Wynonna from the coffin. He helps her to make a large supply of stakes to take on the vampires. Not only is Wynonna immune to the enchantment of the vampires, but Dolls also displays an ability to be unaffected as Petra had earlier cornered him and he was able to learn about the vampires' plan from her and then leave to rescue Wynonna. He brings a diagram with him from some old Black Badge files which he uses to build a super weapon with Wynonna that they can use to kill vampires, also learning from the file that killing a vampire frees all of the humans that vampire has glamoured.

The vampires are separating the humans into groups, with many set to be eaten. But right on cue, Wynonna barges in and quickly identifies which vampires have glamoured their friends and Dolls kills them. With the team back on track they are able to begin killing vampires. Nicole returns Peacemaker to Wynonna who begins shooting as many vampires as possible while the rest of the continues to stake the others.

Doc is still trapped in the vampire stripper bus but manages to get free from his restraints. Though he is reunited with the vampire who tortured him, Contessa, he doesn't have it in him to kill her and she runs away from themes, telling him to stay inside and safe. He chases after her with his gun but still ends up letting her go, as the two begin to talk in cryptic ramblings about their shared history. Doc then breaks into the party and kills one of the last vampires left who had been the one to glamour Jeremy. Dolls then picks out one remaining vampire that had been hiding in a corner. The only thing he will say is that Bulshar has returned to finish what he started over a century ago. Wynonna opts to leave the vampire alive, who pleads with her to not leave him alive since he can't face Bulshar without any human tributes to give to him. Later the vampire is punished by Bulshar for his failures though it's unclear as to what has happened to him since the only thing that's shown is a mysterious item being forced into his mouth.

Wynonna visits Doc at his bar the following morning, where they toast their latest success in battle and still being alive. Doc kisses her after they take their shots.

Dolls visits Nicole at the club crime scene, where she is shaken up by the recent events and reveals that she believes she was a survivor of one the of the Cult's massacres.

Meanwhile, Wynonna drives Waverly home and reveals to her that their mother is in prison. Their father had told Wynonna to keep this secret from Waverly. But the matter can't be discussed any further since the truck crashes and flips over. Anunknown figure pulls Waverly out of the truck, who screams that Wynona is still inside.

Wynonna Earp airs on Fridays on Syfy at 9/8c.


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