Wynonna Earp S03E02 "When You Call My Name" Recap

When last we saw Wynonna and Waverly they had gotten into a bad car crash. Waverly was dragged out of the truck by an unknown figure, while Wynonna was thrown from the truck and over the edge of a deep ledge. Wynonna wakes and hallucinates Mama, something she replies is a sign that she is going into shock. But Wynonna uses the nagging voice as a source of motivation to pop her arm back into her socket and climb up the steep ledge. Once Wynonna gets to the top and returns to the truck she is alarmed to find Waverly missing and is determined to find her, regardless of her mother-hallucination telling her to think of herself since she can't help anyone if she doesn't help herself first.

Waverly wakes in captivity of a man that is not only a revenant, but one that caused the accident on purpose for the sole incentive of kidnapping her. He has taken up residence in the woods but since the environment hasn't been faring well, with fewer options of vegetation and animals available for him to feed on, he's transitioned into eating people. Waverly is the second girl he has kidnapped, with the first victim's body parts still strewn about his cabin.

Dolls is working with Nicole and Jeremy on the investigation into the Cult of Bulshar. Jeremy uses forensic analysis to determine that the victims died within seconds of one another, indicating that the killer is a demon with the ability to move extremely quickly.

The demon that captured Waverly is also able to steal voices and does so to Waverly. He uses her voice to take her calls and tell her loved ones that she's okay.

Dolls visits Doc at the bar and learns that the reason he's been so out of it lately is because he was killed in the alternate reality conjured by the Iron Witch, after which he went to Hell. He doesn't want to believe that this will be his fate once his now mortal life ends. Doc assures him that there is still time for him to do more good and change his fate, but Doc doesn't have much faith that any of the good he does will change his fate.

After Dolls leaves, Jeremy attempts to get to the lab in the basement of the bar and Doc determines that there is something wrong with Dolls' demon-suppressing drugs.

Nicole goes searching for Waverly, intending to search at the Earp home but on the way gets pulled over by a man who tells her about Wynonna's crashed truck. Nicole calls Doc to help search for the sisters. Doc tells Jeremy to call Dolls and have him meet them in the woods.

Wynonna finds the cabin and despite Waverly being mute, is able to be directed by her to reach her without getting caught in the revenant's booby traps. Despite Wynonna reaching the cage, they can't break the lock. Waverly confronts her about the truth about their mother and Wynonna explains that Waverly was so young at the time that Wynonna didn't want to burden her at the time.

Wynonna leaves the cabin in order to find the revenant and taunts him into coming out, even mentioning Bulshar. At the mention of this powerful demon, the revenant becomes afraid and Wynonna is able to kill him. Waverly's voice is restored and the sisters are reunited with Doc and Nicole. Bulshar watches them from a distance. Dolls shows up late, since Jeremy hadn't called him due to his concerns that Dolls had become unstable with his demon side. But of course Dolls had found out and left to help them anyway.

Waverly asks Wynonna how long she knew about their mother and Wynonna admits to having always known. Waverly is devastate that she was kept away from their mother for all these years, despite Wynonna insisting that their mother was the one that didn't want Waverly to know where she was. Waverly asks Dolls to take her home but he becomes distracted by his need for another injection.

Waverly is helping Nicole repel down the ledge to retrieve Peacemaker where Wynonna had dropped it. The fast-moving demon the group was hunting appears and cuts Nicole's rope. He begins to quickly appear and disappear while Doc attempts to capture him. Wynonna grabs the end of the rope to keep Nicole from falling to her death. Nicole struggles to reach Peacemaker while Wynonna struggles to hold the rope. Jeremy manages to radio in and tells Waverly that Dolls is unstable. Dolls eventually unleashes a fiery breath that incinerates the speedy revenant, after which Bulshar slow-claps the team for winning this battle.

Nicole gets back up the ledge and returns Peacemaker to Wynonna who is unable to shoot Bulshar before he disappears. But devastation penetrates the group as they discover that Dolls has collapsed and isn't breathing. No matter what they do, he won't wake. Wynonna is unable to fathom that Dolls is dead but her mother-hallucination returns which together with Waverly encourages her to let Dolls go.

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