Marvel's Luke Cage S02E13 "They Reminisce Over You" Recap

Mariah is in prison to stand trial for her many crimes. As a result, the other gang leaders go to war throughout Harlem over territorial issues, increasing the crime rates while Misty and Luke are left to do their best to manage these escalations.

Misty suspects that Tilda was involved with Bushmaster but Tilda denies it, refusing to let Misty snoop through her shop without a warrant. In reality, she is still working with Bushmaster and his team to try to heal Bushmaster as best as possible despite his quickly deteriorating health. Bushmaster is determined to kill Mariah before he succumbs to his illness.

Shades tells Luke his best option is to take Mariah's place in the hierarchy to present any of the other crime lords from taking over. Luke isn't fond of the idea but seems inclined towards it given the lack of options.

In prison, Mariah kills one of the main inmates in charge so she can absorb her power and have people on the inside to do her bidding in the meanwhile.

Luke visits the Italian boss Rosalie Carbone and threatens her into staying out of Harlem, which she agrees to do after he threatens her and beats up her hired security.

Mariah meets with her lawyer and begins ordering various moves to be made so all her former contacts and employees will be killed. She is planning on having Shades framed for all the crimes she is on trial for. Shades visits her in prison and admits to still loving her but that Mariah was the one who sold her soul over the legacy of a last name she hates.

Misty is left to pick up the pieces of all the bodies Mariah is causing. Tilda is horrified by all the destruction her mother is causing and after helping Bushmaster begin his recovery from all the years of using nightshade, he decides to return to Jamaica. He also tells Tilda that Mariah still needs to be killed.

Tilda visits Mariah and claims that Harlem's Paradise is her birthright. It appears as if Tilda and Mariah have made amends and Tilda kisses her mother goodbye. But Mariah deduces that Tilda is lying and has her lawyer draw up a new will. When Luke is later visiting Mariah, it's revealed that Tilda had poisoned Mariah with a slow-acting poison that results in Mariah dying in Luke's arms.

Shades is arrested, as the conditions of his deal were reliant on Mariah being convicted, something that can no longer happen since she is dead.

Luke and Tilda are brought in to hear Mariah's will read. Tilda had already ordered her mother to be cremated. But her will is revealed to have changed so that Harlem's Paradise will now go to Luke. Mariah believed that the club will corrupt Luke and he considers burning it down, while Tilda leaves furious that she didn't get the club. Misty visits Luke at the club after he decides to take it over and act as a new 'sheriff' of Harlem. She is also concerned that the club will be a corruptive influence and warns him that she will take him down if he gets into any illegal activities.

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