Preacher S03E08 "The Tom/Brady" Recap

Jesse takes Herr Starr's gun and shoots at the Allfather, who is keeping Jesse's soul fragment inside his rectum. However, he only manages to wound the Allfather. Starr is reluctant to be the one to kill his superior, which is why he wants Jesses to do it. Jesse is swarmed by some of the Allfather's bodyguards and is strapped to a gurney. The Allfather doesn't want him killed, since he still believes that Jesse is Jesus. Grail scientists are able to extract Genesis from Jesse's body and despite failing multiple times, they eventually transfer it to a Humperdoo clone who is able to use the power. The clone is then executed and the real Humperdoo is brought into the room.

Back at the farm, Marie L'Angelle begins a negotiation with Satan, who intends to claim her soul after she dies. She offers to deliver Tulip to him instead, as well as share the whereabouts of the Genesis power.

Tulip, Lara Featherstone, and Jody are en route to rob the vault of the soul dealign company in Osaka. Though they are successful in their plot, they are confronted when they return to New Orleans by Sydney. Satan had sent Sydney, who is the Angel of Death, in order to get Tulip. However, Tulip is able to trick Sydney into taking Featherstone instead of herself. At a bus stop to Hell, they encounter the Saint of Killers who still has Eugene and Hitler captive. Hitler manages to persuade Featherstone into letting him borrow her cell phone which he uses to send a message to a friend back at the diner.

All the while, Cassidy is still galavanting around with his vampire partner. They've taken one of Starr's subordinates captive but Starr doesn't care about getting him back. He texts Cassidy to go ahead and kill him. They decide to turn him into a vampire instead. He's about to be killed like all the others but Cassidy has already realised what's been going on and intervenes before he can be killed too. The vampire knocks Cassidy out and Hoover manages to escape during the struggle.

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