Preacher S03E09 "Schwanzkopf" Recap

Jesse attacks the Allfather once more and shoots him more times but is unable to take him down. But then he injects him with the 'Tom Brady' concoction and sends Genesis into him which causes him to explode before Genesis returns back to Jesse's body.

Sydney is about to enter the bus to Hell with her captives when Tulip arrives and demands the return of her suitcase full of souls. However, when Eugene recognises her, Sydney orders Tulip onto the bus. Featherstone is then freed to leave with Jody and the suitcase.

Jesse fights with Starr and is finally able to get his soul fragment back, thus restoring his Genesis power to its former glory. Starr reveals that the Allfather has already triggered a plan to destroy the world and leave Humperdoo in charge. Jesse wants to kill Humperdoo but ultimately is unable to shoot him. Instead he opts to release all the remaining Humperdoo clones, which makes it impossible to identify the real one. He then sets off for Angelville. When Starr learns that Hoover has been turned into a vampire, he is furious at Jesse.

Cassidy refuses to comply with Eccarius' scheme to turn and kill the new vampire followers. Cassidy tries to convince the others to leave with him but Eccarius has already lied to them with claims that Cassidy killed Hoover. All the vampires turn against Cassidy and capture him, with plans to kill him by exposing him to the sun.

On the way to Hell, Tulip convinces the other passengers to try to escape with her but her plan to get out of the bus fails. But some time later, the bus is ambushed by Nazis due to Hitler's prior phone call on Featherstone's mobile.

T.C. informs Marie L'Angelle that Jesse hasn't returned yet. She replies that Jesse will be coming back to kill her.

Preacher airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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