Preacher S03E10 "The Light Above" Recap

Flashback to Jesse's childhood and he attempts and fails to kill his grandmother. All the while, both God and Satan are watching his actions.

In the present time period, T.C. and Jody are trying to stop Jesse who uses his restored Genesis powers to force T.C. to wound himself. Jesse also beats Jody in a bout of mortal combat in the Tombs, after which he burns the place down. T.C. willingly stays behind to die in the flames. Jesse then uses his powers to force his grandmother to release himself and Tulip from the spells she had entrapped them with, as well as destroy the suitcase she had kept to store the souls of her victims. Grandma L'Angelle warns Jesse that he will go to hell if he murders her but he goes ahead with it anyway.

Tulip, Sydney, and the Saint of Killers fight alongside one another to battle the neo-Nazis that are attempting to rescue Hitler, who ends up knocked out by Eugene while trying to run away. God stops a bullet that would've hit Tulip and then offers her a blessing to bestow upon her family if she will persuade Jesse to cease his search for God. Tulip rejects the offer and makes her escape. The Saint delivers the rest of the captives to Satan and gets his guns returned per the arrangement made beforehand. He also learns that God was the one who let the Saint's family die. The Saint then kills Satan in retribution, after which Hitler takes his seat. The Saint then leaves Hell with Eugene.

Cassidy finally manages to convince the Children of Blood that Eccarius has been killing his former victims. As all the Children of Blood have been secretly turned into vampires, they retaliate by eating Eccarius. Hoover then arrives and hides while shielding Cassidy under an umbrella. It's then that the Grail rips the roof of the building which exposes all the Children of Blood to sunlight and consequently death. Cassidy is captures and brought to Masada, the Grail headquarters, where Starr kills Hoover. He intends to torture Cassidy and kill Jesse, who has reunited with Tulip and learned of Cassidy's capture by the Grail.

Preacher airs on AMC.


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