Steve Aoki to Debut New "Neon Future" Comic at New York Comic Con

Global music producer and DJ Steve Aoki has partnered with Impact Theory and Eisner Award winner Jim Krueger (DC Comics “Justice,” Marvel “Earth X,” “X-Men, “The Avengers”) to create NEON FUTURE, a new comic book series that will be released October 4th at the 2018 New York Comic Con. Krueger and the creative team worked closely with Aoki to develop the lead character “Kita Sovee” for the series.

NEON FUTURE is set roughly 30 years in the future in an America that has outlawed advanced technology. A civil war is brewing between the Augmented, an oppressed class of people who have chosen to integrate technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, who have not. The resistance movement “Neon Future” is lead by the mysterious Kita Sovee (a character modeled after Aoki), who strives to bring peace, by showing the world a brighter future in harmony with technology. The series is a compelling, character-driven sci-fi story that chronicles the dangers of unchecked power and the limitless nature of human potential. Ultimately, NEON FUTURE strives toward a utopian convergence of technology and humanity.

The first issue features collectible variant covers designed by creator Jheremy Raapack (“Injustice: Gods Among Us,” “Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight,” and “Hulk Smash.") and South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi (Marvel “Civil War 2,” Blizzard “Siege of Lordaeron”), known around the world for illustrating by photographic memory. Supplemental collectible key art created by legendary concept artist Maciej Kuciara (“Ghost in the Shell,” “Avengers,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”) will also be made available in limited quantities.

NEON FUTURE will be available to pre-order online at Free digital copies will also be made available exclusively for all who sign up for the newsletter. A free physical copy of Issue 1 Cover A (and all other variant covers for purchase) will be available at the Impact Theory Booth (#236) at New York Comic Con October 4th-7th.

On Oct 5th Aoki will be at NYCC headlining the panel “From the Stage to the Page: Musicians Creating Comic Books” (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Room 1A24 – Javits Center) with hip hop legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, alt-pop phenom Lights and rock star Andy Biersack of “Black Veil Brides” followed by a limited signing session at the Impact Theory Booth starting 12 noon.

Impact Theory’s primary mission is to tell wildly entertaining stories that focus on themes of empowerment, and bring together some of the most talented creators, writers, and artists in the industry.

This futuristic comic book along with the recent release of Aoki’s "Lie to Me" music video and upcoming "Be Somebody" single with DJ/producer Nicky Romero ft. Kiiara are installments shining a light into the world of Neon Future, showing Aoki making both a physical and a musical transition approaching the debut of the newest album chapter in the series.


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