The Good Place S01E02 "Flying" Recap

Eleanor begs Chidi to teach her how to be good so she can stay in the Good Place, but he is reluctant about the ethical implications of doing so. In the aftermath of the chaos seemingly triggered by Eleanor's misbehavior at the party the night before, Michael brings everyone together for a meeting. Gradually, things begin to return to normal. Eleanor hasn't been discovered, and Michael is overrun with guilt over his apparent failure in his first big project.

In flashbacks, Eleanor is revealed to have frequently scammed her way out of having to take her turn at being the designated driver when her batch of co-workers would go out for drinks.

Chidi introduces Immanuel Kant's Metaphysicals of Morals to Eleanor, pondering whether or not she can be taught to be good.

Michael tells the town that they'll be having flying lessons, something Eleanor is excited about. But once Tahani organises a clean up day, with all the volunteers who participate being ones that will miss out on flying, Chidi volunteers himself and Eleanor. It is an important opportunity for Eleanor to demonstrate her ability to be selfless. Eleanor cleans up for a while but decides to hide the remaining trash so she can still go flying, which ends up causing a trash storm to break out. Chidi then loses faith in Eleanor and refuses to help her anymore.

Later that night, Eleanor feels guilty over what she has done and decides to go out and continue cleaning up the neighborhood. Chidi discovers her doing so and agrees once more to teach her to be good. But shortly after, Eleanor receives a note under her door which warns her that she doesn't belong in the Good Place.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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