The Good Place S01E06 "What We Owe to Each Other" Recap

Eleanor is worried about helping Michael with his investigation into the strange happenings around the neighborhood and whether or not it will lead to her being found out. Chidi assures her that she needs to keep her promise to help and that she can make it through this. Eleanor ultimately finds ways to distract Michael from his investigation, such as frozen yogurt, karaoke, and arcade games. While they bond, Michael admits that it's not typical for architects to live in the neighborhoods. He chose to do so and now he will have to face the full weight of the consequences of these failures with everything being considered his fault.

Tahani attempts to bond more with Jianyu, which causes Chidi to have to come along on a spa day to run interference. If Jason says much about himself then his secret will inevitably be found out. Tahani is discouraged by her continued inability to connect with Jianyu but she later bonds more with Chidi over some shared interests.

Michael determines that the cause of the problems is a single person behaving unpredictably. This person was someone around on the day of the dinner but the list of suspects is too long to have much to go on just yet. Michael becomes discouraged once more and says he wants to give up.

Flashbacks show Eleanor agreeing to house-sit for a friend and babysit her dog. But when another friend shows up to invite her to a Rihanna concert in Vegas, Eleanor leaves the dog with a massive amount of food which the dog consumes too quickly and leads it to have a permanent disability. When the first friend confronts Eleanor about this, Eleanor doesn't feel guilt over her actions.

Jason wants to give Tahani a painting of his favourite comedic impressionist after she had previously expressed an interest in impressionist (art). Chidi runs interference and swaps the painting out with one he painted himself of three ballerina versions of Tahani in an impressionist style. Tahani is overjoyed and accepts Jianyu as her soulmate.

Michael orders a meeting of the neighborhood and Eleanor believes he'll be outing her as the cause of the problems. Instead he declares that he is the cause of the problems and says he will be leaving everyone forever.

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