The Good Place S01E08 "Most Improved Player" Recap

The residents of the Good Place are still reeling after the 'death' of Janet, who has yet to return to her regular, fully functioning capabilities. Michael interviews Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason about Eleanor and Janet's 'murder' after Eleanor confessed to not actually belonging in the Good Place. The interviews are done with some extra difficulty because each time Janet has a request made to her, she replies by presenting a new cactus instead of the actually requested object. While Janet is still re-loading and learning the various functions and capabilities she once had, Eleanor's real file is finally produced so Michael can try to understand who she really is.

Unfortunately, the 'real' Eleanor's life doesn't hold up so well to the high standards of the Good Place. Another series of flashbacks show a long, messy tale that began with Eleanor accidentally ruining a dress that belonged to her friend. Instead of taking responsibility for this mistake, Eleanor blamed it on the innocent dry cleaners. This situation further escalated when the friend filed a lawsuit that bankrupted the dry cleaners, her friend having a meltdown that went viral, and Eleanor and another friend profited off of selling t-shirts that insulted their friend's incident.

Michael decides to call the Bad Place so some members can pick up Eleanor and bring her to where she actually belongs. When the train arrives, the group meets Trevor, an unpleasant scumbag that works in the Bad Place. In a bold move, Chidi confesses to killing Janet and further shares how he has been teaching Eleanor to be a better person. Michael is moved by the gesture and goes with the group to the train station to insist that Eleanor will not be taken. Trevor says that they're free to continue holding Eleanor while they continue to analyse the situation but goes on to say that in return they'll be keeping the other Eleanor Shellstrop who was actually supposed to be in the Good Place but has been in the Bad Place instead. He proceeds to reveal Eleanor, whom he brought along on the train and reveals to the group.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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