The Good Place S01E09 "...Someone Like Me as a Member" Recap

The negotiations are underway to determine the fate of the two Eleanors. Michael decides to use Tahani's house as a home base for which to hold the meetings but the demons that have come to visit from the Bad Place opt to derail the discussions into rowdy parties. Michael allows them to be rambunctious and walk all over him, something which upsets Tahani greatly.

Chidi and the other Eleanor have dinner together and find they have a great deal in common while Eleanor and Trevor are also present. This makes things awkward for Chidi since he is now getting to meet the soulmate he was supposed to have after also bonding with the original Eleanor that arrived in the Good Place.

Tahani encourages Michael to stand up for himself, which he finally does at the main negotiation session. He declares war on the Bad Place and vows to fight for the first Eleanor to be able to stay in the Good Place. Trevor retaliates by saying he will summon Shawn, an "Eternal Judge" to rule on the proceedings involving the fate of the Eleanors. Nonetheless, Michael throws the demons out of the Good Place.

Later that night, Jason goes to his secret "meditation room" and discovers Tahani waiting for him. She demands that he share who he truly is once and for all.

Through a series of flashbacks, the first Eleanor is shown to dislike joining social groups and frequently finding ways to avoid or leave them.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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