The Good Place S01E10 "Chidi's Choice" Recap

The two Eleanors work together on the first Eleanor's defense case for her upcoming court case to try to stay in the Good Place. Throughout their conversation, the other Eleanor helps Eleanor to realise that she has fallen in love with Chidi.

After Tahani confronts Jason and presses him to reveal who he really is, he shares his truths about his identity and the ways that Chidi helped him attempt to be kinder and more charming to appeal to Tahani. This prompts her to tell Chidi she loves him just as Eleanor has done the same. As Chidi is terrible at making decisions, his reaction to the double-confession is panic. Through Michael's guidance, Chidi is able to understand and be more confident about the necessary decision he must make. Meanwhile, Eleanor has already decided that she doesn't want her friendship with Tahani to be ruined so the pair spend the rest of the day together.

Jason grows increasingly appreciative of this new, simplistic Janet and the 'kindness' that her state shows him so he proposes marriage to her. Eleanor and Tahani are attending Jason and Janet's wedding when Chidi arrives, seemingly prepared to make a decision. However, Eleanor has already decided to claim that the 'love' she has for him is merely symptomatic of the depth of their friendship and the gratitude she has towards him for teaching her to be a more moral person. Tahani also declares that her momentary 'love' confession was a result of her being on the rebound. Tahani also comes up with a plan to help Eleanor stay in the good place so the women leave together.

In a series of flashbacks into Chidi's life, his indecisiveness is revealed to have repeatedly caused problems for him. As a child, he wasted an entire recess because he was unable to pick teammates for a sports team he was supposed to be the captain of. As an adult, he was a poor best man to his best friend Uzo, as being the best man to a wedding involves repeatedly making decisions. This culminated in Chidi's death by being crushed by an air conditioning unit that had fallen loose while he was standing underneath it while not being able to make a decision on which bar to visit with Uzo.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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