The Good Place S01E11 "What's My Motivation" Recap

Tahani's proposal to try to help Eleanor remain in the Good Place is that all her good deeds will add to her overall point tally. Eleanor begins to perform various good deeds around the neighborhood and even recreated Tahani's welcoming party. Many of the residents are charmed by the gestures but her score doesn't move until she advises Chidi to pursue the other Eleanor, who had also declared her love for Chidi. This leads Eleanor to realise that when acting out of self-preservation, any good deeds won't help her score since they will be considered 'selfish' actions only motivated by self-preservation. Eleanor secretly decides to leave the Good Place to spare her friends from any further burdens and find a way to become a good person herself, and unknowingly this action boosts her score to the necessary heights she had previously failed to reach.

Michael learns of Jason's true identity as well as the fact that he and Janet are now married. This rebooted Janet declares that she loves Jason, and has seemingly developed emotions that she isn't supposed to have. This makes Michael decide to reboot her once again in an effort to 'fix' the problem.

Shawn's train arrives and Eleanor secretly hijacks the train with the help of Janet and Jason (who are attempting to flee from Michael's attempts to reboot her), and Janet steers it to take them to a "Medium Place" which they didn't previously know existed.

In flashbacks, Jason's death is showed to have been the result of a botched robbery attempt he was doing with his friend Pillboi. Jason was hiding inside a safe and suffocated inside of it. Afterwards, Pillboi was only placed on probation and not charged in the death, since it was entirely accidental.

The Good Place airs on NBC.


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